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Next Big Thing heats continued last week to whittle down the entrants into a group small enough to be called finalists. The winner of each heat gets studio time with a decent producer to make a song worthy of the 2009 NBT compilation. Here’s the results from the week just gone complete with thoughts from punters on the ground:

Heat 4 @ Rosemount
First: Mister and Sunbird
Second: Rachel and Henry climb a hill
Check out RockPrincess’ review here

Heat 5 @ Rocket Room
First: The Kuillotines
Second: Arts Martial
“The Kuillotines took command of the stage, and delivered a set that was unapologetic, and did not let up from the first to the last song. They played with the intensity of a young energetic band but at the same time with the confidence and intent of a well worn working band.”
Check out RockPrincess’ review here

Heat 6 @ Railway
First: Lacey
Second: Tracksuit
“This heat was full of outstandingly talented bands, quite apart from the winners, The Brow filled the stage with barely organised chaos including glowy ball twirling and a groove more infectious than swine flu. Jack Action had a touch of the guitar hero about them as they pulled rock star poses worthy of the best 80s hair metal bands, only their music was good. The Accumulated Gestures were a tight soul act that sounded like a coverband, but for all that they had the dance floor crowded with lubricated groovers.”

First: This End Up
First: You, Me and Ryan
First: Diatribe

The last heat is on this Wednesday at Rosemount where the best of seven more bands will get a spot in the semi-finals. Here’s the lineup:

Sam Carmody and a place called panic
The Killer Cars
Art In Algebra
The Union of Crazy Monkey People from outer space
Hang on St Christopher
Special Brew
Blackwater Station

There will be three semi-finals next month followed by the State final on 25 July at Rosemount Hotel. Check our gig guide for details.

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ashryn said on the 23rd Jun, 2009

nice photo.. toxikon wants to know what is it with all the melodicas.. did someone have a 2 for 1 sale?


nicowen said on the 24th Jun, 2009

Haha yeah I read the earlier article talking about that and was surprised to hear there are so many around :P
I like to feel that I have 'pure intentions' with my melodica (2.0 as my first has started to go out of tune). I'm a lover of dub and reggae which the melodica is the queen hive instrument of the genre so after catching the sunshine brothers and jack johnson's band using them I decided to jump on the bandwagon of awesomeness myself.
After we got one, I never came across another local band with one until October last year when we played the NCBC finals with John


toxikon said on the 24th Jun, 2009

wow i never knew the melodica had such a grand history! i have a greater respect for that instrument now :]


nicowen said on the 25th Jun, 2009

Haha a personal history. I tried to add this to the melodica's wiki page and it was deleted in 10.5 seconds :O