Image for The Wombats go down to Ramsay Street

The Wombats go down to RamsayStreet

Guitar pop upstarts The Wombats will perform in a forthcoming episode of Neighbours, to be filmed when they visit our shores for Splendour In The Grass. The unlikely blow-ins will take the – œstage’ at the show’s local haunt Charlie’s Bar to play two songs, Kill The Director and Let’s Dance To Joy Division (no doubt one of Harold’s favourites). According to NME, the episode will air in the UK in late 2008, which could mean we get to see it first. Yeeeeeeeeeees.

In other Wombats news, the boys are reviewing Glastonbury for us, as part of FasterLouder’s – œSplendour Trimmings’. The mighty Glasto is only days away, so keep an eye out for that feature in coming weeks.

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RyelleBlitz said on the 27th Jun, 2008

AW, I thought it was going to be about Gordon Ramsey haha...

Awesome, all the same.


MorningAfterboy said on the 28th Jun, 2008

Dr. Karl getting down to Kill The Director= WIN