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Image for Who was metal enough for Gigantour? Australia's littlest metal fan, that's who

Who was metal enough forGigantour? Australia'slittlest metal fan, that's who

Well the gods, AKA Dave Mustaine have spoken and the winner of our Metal Enough for Gigantour has been revealed and it’s none other than a eight year old fan named ‘Rattlehead’.

For those not in the know, Megadeth enlisted the help of FasterLouder to discover Australia’s biggest metal fans. Entrants from all over Australia submitted their photo to fasterlouder.com.au and Dave Mustaine chose the winner – young Rattlehead who must be the biggest little metal fan in the land.

The prize allows Rattlehead to hang out with the band before the show, get his pic taken with the band and receive a prize pack of merch.

Rattlehead was first introduced to Megadeth by his father and cites his fave Megadeth album as Youthanasia.

The event will mark the first concert he’s ever attended and thanks to the crew at Gigantour his whole family will be along for the ride. The whole family are true metal fans – next year they the entire clan will be scooting off to see Iron Maiden…

When asked how does it feel to be named Australia’s biggest metal fan? he said “I was like woooooooooaah, I didn’ t know where to look and I could hardly speak”.

His message to Megadeth…. “You guys Rock and I can’t wait to see you rock on stage at Gigantour”.

Check out the pics of the Metal enough for Gigantour group here


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neondreadlock said on the 11th Oct, 2007

so cute, in a brootal kinda way.


greenice said on the 13th Oct, 2007

he wins tickets to an 18 concert...hes not even old enough to go. what a gip!


steph_rawr said on the 14th Oct, 2007

I bet his parents will go to the concert.


Rattlehead said on the 14th Oct, 2007

Just to let everyone know Festival Hall has an unlicensed and open age area which is where rattlehead will be, sounds like a bit of the green eyed monster

Eric the Black

Eric the Black said on the 14th Oct, 2007

Meh, fucking Dave Mustaine....

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 15th Oct, 2007

........Sounds like somebody's Mum


CureMe said on the 15th Oct, 2007

real metal fans don't get jealous, they play guitar instead!