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Lorde and Iggy Azalea slam"spineless" critics

Lorde has called out the media for profiling Iggy Azalea and other “interesting artists in order to sell copies/get clicks and then shit[ting] on their records.”

Lorde made her complaint in a Tumblr post highlighting the fact that Complex featured Iggy Azalea on their front cover despite running a withering review of her debut album under the headline ‘Why Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic Isn’t Really’. “It happens to me all the time – Pitchfork and that ilk being like “can we interview you?” after totally taking the piss out of me in a review,” Lorde writes. “Have a stance on an artist and stick to it. Don’t act like you respect them then throw them under the bus.” The post was reblogged by Grimes on her own Tumblr with the comment “hahaha yes — I agree with this.”

Iggy Azalea also thanked Lorde for her comments. “The media will beg for free tickets to your show just so they can write about how much they hate it,” Iggy told fans on Twitter. “I wish you could all see it. The whole things actually pretty funny. They also love to have upbeat bubbly mid 20s women do the daily blog posts about you. But keep a stash of pseudo intellectual middle aged men in sandals at hand ready to review everyone’s albums.” (For the record FL’s resident “pseudo intellectual middle aged man in sandals” Jody Macgregor gave Azalea’s The New Classic a score of 5/10.)


Complex Associate Editor Insanul Ahmed hit back at the trio in an op-ed: ‘Why Lorde, Iggy Azalea, & Grimes Are Wrong About Criticism and Journalism.’ “Lorde declaring ‘have a stance on an artist and stick to it’ is a bizarre notion for an organization like Complex, which is to say bizarre for any media organization that claims to have any journalistic integrity,” Ahmed argues. “If Complex – or the media at large – operated the way Lorde wished, it would do away with journalistic integrity all together. Lorde – as well as Iggy – seem to confuse press as ‘respect’ and criticism as being thrown ‘under the bus.’”

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Plain Views

Plain Views said on the 28th Apr, 2014

that would be interesting if lorde managed to turn her 'disciples' into a internet swarm similar to the 'beliebers'

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 28th Apr, 2014

Totally agree with Lorde. If you're gonna take an interest in an artist and feature them on a cover of a publication, you should at least pretend that the latest release is well awesome even if you dont... Show some fucking respect. I bet if it was Iggy Pop the review would have been glowing. Time to clean out all the middle aged cargo short wearing males who obviously aren't good at their jobs.


gumbuoy said on the 28th Apr, 2014

Yeah, Lorde and Iggy have got this one way wrong. It's important for reviews to be completely separate from features and promotional material.

Plus, reviews are written by individuals. As much as they may be representative of an organisation/publication, it's still that individuals opinion.

If anything, Lorde and Iggy should be turning down feature pieces - those are the pieces that are usually blindly promotional, it's pretty rare to read a feature that bags it's target, especially if it involves an interview/time spent with the artist.


Bames said on the 28th Apr, 2014

being tumblr slammed is the worst kind of slammed.


LukeWarm said on the 28th Apr, 2014

Yeah, I have a lot of respect for Lorde, but she's got this wrong. Fairplay though, she's 17 - she's allowed to get stuff wrong sometimes


deanoss said on the 28th Apr, 2014

Complex responds



blimpht said on the 28th Apr, 2014

joseph stalin has been time magazine's person of the year. twice.


jacegalvin said on the 28th Apr, 2014

Yeah this is really dumb, I think it would be bad if reviews weren't honest and gave a bad album a good review just because the person was on the front cover.


grattan said on the 28th Apr, 2014

Complex responds


Er, it's already in the article...


grattan said on the 28th Apr, 2014

But his album sucked.