Image for Inside Maynard from Tool’s $3-million Hollywood mansion

Inside Maynard from Tool’s$3-million Hollywood mansion

This is the house that mathematical riffs and ‘Prison Sex’ built.

That’s right, Maynard James Keenan from Tool’s Los Angeles mansion is up for sale. And it can be all yours for just $2.795 million, which is just under half-a-million less than Dave Grohl’s holiday home was listed at. Bargain!

Tucked underneath the Hollywood sign, the 350sqm home boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a powder room, plus a courtyard, pool area, separate guesthouse and “multiple waterfalls”. Here’s the real-estate listing, which goes to great lengths to spruik the property’s seclusion.

Sited on a ridge at the top of Beachwood Canyon w/ no adjoining neighbors, this unique home offers privacy & seclusion for the discerning. Main house is Mediterranean in design w/ beautiful park vistas & city lights below. Public rooms open to a lovely outdoor courtyard & pool area taking advantage of the exclusive setting. Separate guest house or recording studio space and stand-alone garage. Away from it all & moments to city life.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Keenan’s real-estate agent Jon Berentine again emphasised the home’s “seclusion” (what the hell goes on in there?). “It’s surrounded by parkland on three sides of the property. You’re away from everything,” he said. “Maynard has gone to great lengths to import significant pieces that are built into the structure itself. The house reflects the travel and worldliness that is Maynard. It’s really been a sanctuary to him.”

Here’s the photo that all will make Maynard’s life a living hell until the property is sold:

Here’s a light fitting that’s ready to hatch

Another light fitting

Somebody’s been to Beacon…

[Insert artwork here]

Here’s the place where Maynard intricately constructed the lyrics to ‘Lateralus’, whose syllables correspond to an arrangement of the Fibonacci numbers

The perfect place to sit back, relax and have a nice glass of Caduceus Cellars wine

Red or white?

Is it just us or does Maynard have a picture of his own spa on the wall?

Here’s said spa – if you look closely you can see the Hollywood sign

The actual Hollywood sign

Here’s Maynard’s proposed change to the Hollywood sign

Presented without comment

Is this a café or a kitchen?

Did we mention the “seclusion”?

Because it’s really secluded

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berlinchair101 said on the 13th Mar, 2014

He's not worried about fans knowing his address because most Tool fans have passed out just looking at the size of that hill.


playswithfire said on the 13th Mar, 2014

things i discovered recently selling my house - the real estate agents photoshop one of your other house pictures onto whatever tv screens appear within your photos, hence the picture of maynards spa on the wall - that would be his tv!!


heathermcm74 said on the 13th Mar, 2014

i think this home is fabulous and i wouldn't expect any less from maynard. now, who has $3 million i can borrow??


Brad_a said on the 14th Mar, 2014

must need a vacation from the bullshit, three ring circus sideshow freaks in the hopeless f**kin hole they call la......


radical_man said on the 16th Mar, 2014

He does looks a bit different


radical_man said on the 16th Mar, 2014