Image for Miley’s dad and some rapper called Buck 22 have released the worst song of 2014

Miley’s dad and some rappercalled Buck 22 have releasedthe worst song of 2014

Twerking aliens, Miley’s dad, a car alarm and some rapper called Buck 22 have teamed up to destroy your day. If you’re the kind of sick bastard that actually wants to hear this song, please put in headphones first and warn everyone around you about what you’re about to do. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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Plain Views

Plain Views said on the 12th Feb, 2014

I can't wait for Achy Breaky 3, the 20 year countdown begins... now


shellbird said on the 12th Feb, 2014

no one can ever call anyone else a "one hit wonder" after this song... billy ray cyrus just proved he's literally only capable of producing one song.


stompystomper said on the 12th Feb, 2014

ok fasterlouder. you care more about luring us into clicking on your shitty news pages, with useless fodder, than you do about reporting about good music. 3 strikes - you're out. bye.


Braveheart81 said on the 12th Feb, 2014

Why would you click on this story if you're not interested in laughing at a terrible song?

Maybe you should be more selective with what you decide to read if you get so easily upset?


rikhi said on the 14th Feb, 2014

i really don't wanna live no more after seeing that.