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Questions raised over Big DayOut’s VIP tickets

The fall-out from this year’s Big Day Out continues, with a new Fairfax Media report alleging complaints over the festival’s VIP tickets.

According to the report published in today’s The Sunday Age, consumers in several states were complaining to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over the $285 “Like A Boss” tickets. At $100 more than general admission prices, they offered punters “more than the usual experience”, including mainstage viewing areas, separate entryways, amenities and gifts.

However, that’s not the experience punters allegedly received.

A 25-year-old investment banker from Melbourne told The Age he had complained to the ACCC and its online reporting service Scamwatch. He said he had a “better view of headliners Pearl Jam from the general admission area”. The Age also quoted Sydney musician Mark Littler, a veteran of 21 Big Day Outs, saying he “got nothing” for the extra $100. “There were no lounges or furniture,” he said. “It was quicker to get drinks outside. The food hut was cheap and nasty, just chips and hot dogs. The toilet was very good, though, I must admit.”

Those comments are consistent with complaints posted to the Big Day Out Facebook wall, some of which have now been deleted. “Like a Boos = Like a scam,” wrote one Facebook user. “How do we obtain a refund for breach of terms.” Another posted: “Absolute joke of a ticket. In Melbourne, the so called ‘Boss’ area was set well back from the stage, had a tiny bar with massive queues, and 1 tiny toilet block. It was much better in GA with easy bar access.”

Big Day Out promoter AJ Maddah and CEO Adam Zammit have not commented on the issues, however a spokeswoman told The Age that no “Like A Boss” complaints had been raised by either Fair Trading or the ACCC.

The “Like A Boss” issue wasn’t raised with Maddah when he appeared on Friday’s Hack program on triple j. However, he did confirm that ticket prices for the 2015 Big Day Out will be considerably lower than this year’s price tag. “$185 is absolutely unreasonable,” Maddah said. “I don’t want it to over $160 next year.” He said this year’s prices were inflated to accommodate Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire and Blur on the one bill.


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alli_p said on the 8th Feb, 2014

yes- the like a boss tickets were a massive rip. the viewing platform was about a kilometer away from the stage and there were still massive queues for the bar. the viewing platform also had all the ambiance of my hyundai getz. i have brought vip tickets to other festivals such as southbound -where you really are given a superior festival experience (including meal tickets for a catered meal, misting fans to keep you cool, an indoor bar with actual seating, clean toilets with no queues, drink tokens etc.) people don't mind paying the money- as long as they get what they pay for.


grattan said on the 9th Feb, 2014


grattan said on the 9th Feb, 2014


Oflick said on the 9th Feb, 2014

That actually kind of looks like Chris Johnston's twitter pic (because the twitter pic is too small to make out fully).