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Miami Horror: "The triple jsound does exist"

It’s the triple j debate that won’t go away – and now Melbourne electro outfit Miami Horror has weighed in.

In an interview with The Music, Miami Horror member Benjamin Plant confirmed that not only does the triple sound exist, but some acts were creating music that appealed to the station’s playlist. “[The triple j sound] does exist,” said Plant, “and I know a lot of bands that do wonder if they need to fit in.”

Miami Horror shifted to Los Angeles after the release of their 2010 album Illumination. The album featured the single ‘Holidays’, which came in at #54 in the Hottest 100. But Plant says moving to LA has given Miami Horror more freedom to follow their own muse. “A lot of us guys who try and do our own thing could just go and make what we know would suit [triple j], but the whole idea is to not fall in that trap. That’s another good thing about being in LA, you disassociate with that and you end up discovering what you really want to make.”

Plant’s comments follow a Fairfax report that looked into the influence triple j had on locally produced music. It featured a quote from an anonymous Melbourne musician who said they catered their sound to suit triple j. But station manager Chris Scaddan hit back, saying triple j wasn’t looking for one particular sound. “We’re looking for songs that stand out and resonate with our audience,” he said.

The debate heated up when Melbourne musician Whitley lambasted the station for its “excruciatingly narrow-minded playlist”, while End Of Fashion’s Justin Burford went a step further, claiming the station ruined his band’s “career path”. Bleeding Knees Club, Bob Evans and Gooch Palms also weighed in.


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petey91 said on the 7th Feb, 2014

i guess in many ways it is a wake up call for listeners, such as myself, that possibly triple j doesn't play the widest variety of australian music as they lead us to believe. it doesn't surprise me that there are bands out there that are casualties of the triple j "sound". what can't be argued is that the "sound" has a strong following with my generation. triple j whilst not perfect from all reports, beats the hell out of any commercial alternative. maybe with dig music now triple j run we'll see a greater exploration of australian music tied in with the popular unearthed station, if only they were available on fm. for now i hope the triple j bashing dies down.


gumbuoy said on the 8th Feb, 2014

so, what you're saying is, you were listening to the station, and you thought there was a good variety of music being played, but now that a band told you there ISN'T a good variety of music being played, you've decided there isn't after all?

You should trust your own perceptions more.


petey91 said on the 8th Feb, 2014

it was more than one band, but yes that's basically what i was saying. my perceptions are easily changed. if miami horror says it is so then it must be....right


Spicerackk said on the 10th Feb, 2014

petey91, have your own opinion about things. it's people exactly like you who make the justin bieber's so and miley cyrus' of the world popular. because they say or do something doesn't make it right. and i know you might say that you aren't a fan of bieber or miley but by you saying that your perception on music is easily influenced by bands and what they say, you are admitting to being one of the millions of people who refuse to make their own mind up about current issues.


gumbuoy said on the 10th Feb, 2014



stevienicks said on the 18th Feb, 2014

man i can't believe that justin/miley comment, what a broad and un-profound statement to make. you can't jump to such solid conclusions that petey91 can't think for himself because he is influenced by a band who's opinion he obviously has respect for. i don't even like miami horror but as band who has been on high rotation at triple j and been part of the industry for a long time i can surely see there is some validity to there statement. petey91s opinion was informed and completely justified. ya fuckin losers


Braveheart81 said on the 18th Feb, 2014

Thanks Stevie Nicks.


stevienicks said on the 19th Feb, 2014

this is a song i wrote in the early 80's, i was gonna call it "just like the white winged dove" but thought "edge of seventeen" sounded cooler


nos235 said on the 20th Feb, 2014

^thanks for turning American Horror Story into a musical


back_to_you said on the 20th Feb, 2014

is this crap still being talked about?