Image for Tame Impala's Jay Watson was a massive "flake" on last night's Spicks and Specks

Tame Impala's Jay Watson was amassive "flake" on lastnight's Spicks and Specks

Someone give Tame Impala’s Jay Watson his own TV show already. The Perth musician – who also plays in POND – was one of the guests on last night’s return of the ABC’s Spick and Specks.

Aside from answering a bunch of music trivia questions and singing lyrics from a Morse code manual to the tune of ‘California Girls’, Watson told an amusing anecdote about how he’s basically a massive flake who doesn’t own any instruments or drive. “I didn’t own a drum kit either,” he confessed in a deleted scene from last night’s show. “I had one when I was like 12 and then I just bought one the other day. I bought my first amplifier about two months ago.”

Watson – who described Tame Impala as the “least organised people in the room” at the ARIAs last year – said he was quite possibly the “flakiest” musician working in the industry today. But he said Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker gives him a run for his money. “He’s equally flaky, so it’s a band of flakes.”

Spick and Specks premiered on the ABC last night with a new team: host Josh Earl and team captains Ella Hooper (ex-Killing Heidi) and comedian Adam Richards. Other guests included radio personality Meshel Laurie, US comedian Des Bishop and opera singer Jacqueline Dark.

Tame Impala just completed a national tour with Big Day Out, while Pond will support Arctic Monkeys on their May Australian tour. Click here for dates.

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MorningAfterboy said on the 6th Feb, 2014

Ooof, one of the sexiest men in Australian music.


sdaa said on the 6th Feb, 2014

Ella Hooper wanted the d so badly. It was tough to watch.


berlinchair101 said on the 6th Feb, 2014

Are the desks smaller?

inb4 Meshel/Adam joke.


nos235 said on the 6th Feb, 2014

who doesn't love a massive flake