Image for Iggy Azalea:"The Beyonce tour cost me a humongous chunk of money"

Iggy Azalea:"The Beyonce tourcost me a humongous chunk ofmoney"

Fresh from supporting Beyonce on the Australia leg of the “Mrs Carter World” you’d think that Iggy Azalea would be well on her way to becoming a millionaire misfit. However, the Mullumbimby-born rapper has revealed that opening for Queen Bey in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide last month almost sent her Pu$$y broke.

In a revealing feature interview with Michaela Mcguire for The Age’s weekend GW liftout, Azalea admitted that her decision to accept the coveted support slot was not endorsed by her record label, because not only did it delay the release of her debut record The New Classic, she reportedly didn’t get paid. “There were times I thought I shouldn’t have done this tour,” the statuesque rapper explained. “Not only because it cost me my album, but it cost me a humongous chunk of money.


“My label didn’t want me to go on this tour because they think that Australia doesn’t matter as a market for me,” Azalea continued. “So this whole tour I’ve had to pay for out of my own pocket to come here.”

She initially thought the tour would leave her $150,000 out of pocket, but the costs blew out. “Whatever you think the expense is, fucking double it, because it’s double what I thought it would cost, and I thought it would cost a lot. That didn’t happen, by then I’d already agreed to come, and if I’d pulled the tour the headlines would have read ‘Iggy Azalea gets kicked off Beyoncé tour because Beyoncé thinks her music is shit.’”

After years of trying to break the hip-hop world, Azalea first caught the eye of Mercury Records (and later Island Def Jam) in 2011 when she self-released the tracks ‘Pu$$y’ and ‘Two Times’. She backed that up with her Ignorant Art mixtape and in 2012 released the EP Glory and became the first female, non- America rapper to be featured on XXL magazine’s annual “Top 10 Freshman” cover issue. Her debut record The New Classic is now slated for release in March 2014.  


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Quicky said on the 11th Nov, 2013

Its pretty disgraceful when you don't even get paid....


JoshTh said on the 11th Nov, 2013

seems like she needs to sort out her management if this is true, $300k out of pocket is ridiculous.


tyler07 said on the 11th Nov, 2013

Pretty surprising to not get paid for a tour that huge.

I really want to see some proper Iggy dates though, she is awesome and still has a lot of potential for bigger and better things.


stompystomper said on the 11th Nov, 2013

march 2013, 0r 2014? typo?

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 11th Nov, 2013


They meant March 2012.


gumbuoy said on the 11th Nov, 2013

Would like to see more specific numbers - how on earth does it cost someone $150000 to play a relatively short tour, when they're not even paying for the venues?


Braveheart81 said on the 11th Nov, 2013

Lots of international data roaming charges? :rolleyes:

Did she perform solo or did she have a band?

It does seem crazy.

If she was paying for the tour out of her own pocket then surely she would have curbed her spending.

Is the figure of what it cost her including estimated loss of earnings from releasing her album later than scheduled?


nos235 said on the 12th Nov, 2013

She's probably staying in $1000 per night rooms


gumbuoy said on the 12th Nov, 2013

Well, if she is, she gets no sympathy for how much she HAD to pay for the tour.

BUT even if she is, she was still only on the tour for a couple of weeks, if she played the Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide legs. Let's be generous and say she spent 20 nights in $1000 hotel rooms, there's still 130K to account for.


nos235 said on the 12th Nov, 2013

How big is her entourage?


Nosyt said on the 13th Nov, 2013

So can anyone answer why a support band didn't get paid?

Simply for exposure?

Also did she have backup dancers, stage show, trucking costs etc?

But seriously, does Beyonce not pay her supports?


nos235 said on the 13th Nov, 2013

I'm not sure if it would be up to Beyoncé to pay the support act- normally the promoter handles whatever acts they hire separately.