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Ur Boy Bangs puts KendrickLamar back in his place

It’s been a few days since Kendrick Lamar dropped a veritable nuclear bomb with his verse on Big Sean’s ‘Control’, and the fallout continues to spill.

After calling out the likes of Drake, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, J Cole, and even track collaborators Big Sean and Jay Electronica, it seemed like no one was safe from K-Dot’s wrath. A dialogue opened up – with the consensus seeming to be that Kendrick took things to a whole ‘nother level, with the gauntlet laid down. Jeoll Ortiz was first to respond, then many others began to follow suit.

One of those being South Sudanese-born, Melbourne-based viral rapper Bangs, who will no doubt have Kendrick quaking in his boots with this recently posted track. In a two-minute, 18-second freestyle over the ‘Control’ instrumental, Bangz laments the current state of hip-hop (“First thing let me say/Hip-hop is dead”), acknowledges Kendrick’s omission (“He doesn’t have to mention my name”), and dismisses the major label mindset (“All the labels are fucked”). And to be honest, it’s actually pretty decent.

I mean, it’s no ‘Take U To Da Movies’, but it goes harder than Lupe Fiasco’s lukewarm response on ‘SLR 2’: “You ain’t Nas, you ain’t Jay Z, you will respect me.”

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YoungStunnah said on the 16th Aug, 2013

someone's out for ubb !! damn.... that someone is me.


zillafied said on the 16th Aug, 2013

da fuq was i listening to? i needed a translator to understand the spit. seriously yo...


KingMat82 said on the 19th Aug, 2013

the fudge is this the dude is hard to understand & who is he to put in his place


grattan said on the 20th Aug, 2013