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Luke Steele vs Daft Punk:“We’ve got better songs”

Luke Steele has hit out at Daft Punk, claiming their new album Random Access Memories has only sold more copies than the latest Empire of the Sun record Ice On The Dune because of clever marketing.

Speaking to NME at Sziget Festival in Budapest, Steele complained that the new Daft Punk material isn’t as strong as his own work. “I was aware that Daft Punk were getting more press coverage than our record, but I wasn’t too concerned,” Steele told NME. “Ice On The Dune is filled with such great songs that it’ll hang around a lot longer than some of those other records that came out around the same time. They had a great marketing campaign, but we’ve got better songs.”

Released in June, Ice On The Dune peaked at #3 on the ARIA albums chart and #20 on the Billboard 200, while Random Access Memories debuted at number one in several countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. It debuted at number one in Australia, and was certified platinum by ARIA in its first week.

We described Ice On The Dune as a record of two halves. “Despite the array of styles on display, the duo manage to rein things in from ever feeling scattershot, and the explorations are not so radically different that the unifying thread is lost. That the record is as strong as the band’s debut speaks volumes about its quality.” Click here for the full review.

Here’s our moving portrait of Luke Steele from Splendour In The Grass:



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Hinee said on the 15th Aug, 2013

While I can't comment on the quality of Ice On The Dune as I haven't given it a listen yet, I completely agree with Lukes comments about the marketing of RAM. If it wasn't wanked so hard for months beforehand I don't think it would be a glimmer of what it eventuated into


MorningAfterboy said on the 15th Aug, 2013

"Quick, Luke! The album isn't selling! Go attack whatever's at the top of the chart!"


sweet_sweet_tunes said on the 15th Aug, 2013

haha what the fuck, sorry luke steel but go home your drunk


Piko said on the 15th Aug, 2013

I don't know if it would be hard for Luke to make an album that is better than RAM. RAM has some decent tunes but on a whole I find it rather weak.


disco said on the 15th Aug, 2013

In Daft Punks defence, that album will be played in some of the finest elevators in the world.