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Hunters & Collectors tributealbum tracklist revealed

It’s been 15 years since Hunters & Collectors disbanded, so a tribute album featuring some of Australia’s best musicians only seems appropriate.

Set for release on September 27, Crucible – The Songs of Hunters & Collectors features 15 covers from an impressive list of acts, both old and new. As previously reported, it’ll feature an Avalanches remix of ‘Talking to a Stranger’ (plus a cover of that song by Birds Of Tokyo), The Rubens doing ‘Holy Grail’, Something For Kate’s take on ‘When the River Runs Dry’ and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Crowded House’s Neil Finn teaming up for ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’. Full tracklist below.

The album has been compiled by EMI managing director John O’Donnell along with Mushroom Records, who says the process has been “an exhilarating journey of reinvention and rediscovery”.

Formed in 1981, Hunters & Collectors released nine studio albums, before disbanding following the release of Juggernaut in 1998. They briefly reformed for a one-off show for Sound Relief at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Ground in 2009. Frontman Mark Seymour said he was honoured to have “the cream” of Australia’s music scene reinterpreting his songs. “It is deeply rewarding for me as a writer to know that beyond the years and all the hard work that was done in the crucible of the Australian suburbs, the songs of Hunters & Collectors have reached the cream of Australia’s talent, great singers and bands young and older.”

Crucible – The Songs of Hunters & Collectors tracklist:

1. Birds of Tokyo – Talking to a Stranger
2. Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn – Throw Your Arms Around Me
3. Matt Corby & Missy Higgins – This Morning
4. Oh Mercy – The Slab (Betty’s Worry)
5. Alpine – Hear No Evil
6. The Living End – Say Goodbye
7. Paul Kelly & Emma Donovan (featuring Jimblah) – True Tears of Joy
8. The Rubens – Holy Grail
9. Husky – Blind Eye
10. Something For Kate – When the River Runs Dry
11. The Panics – Alligator Engine
12. Abbe May – Dog
13. British India – Do You See What I See?
14. Cloud Control – Still Hanging ‘Round
15. The Avalanches – Talking to a Stranger (Planets Collide Remix)

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berlinchair101 said on the 9th Aug, 2013

Can only imagine The Rubens cover of Holy Grail being painfully boring.


grattan said on the 9th Aug, 2013

Ya reckon they'll get to play at half-time at the footy? How awesome would that be?!


gumbuoy said on the 9th Aug, 2013

yep, looked at that entry and thought Oh God No.

Still, SFK!


berlinchair101 said on the 9th Aug, 2013

Not to be overly negative either, I do think most of that tracklist looks pretty cool.


jglazebrook said on the 9th Aug, 2013

what a pointless load of horrific shit. where is the rowland s howard tribute album? the triffids tribute? banal, banal australia.


MorningAfterboy said on the 9th Aug, 2013


LeviticusP said on the 26th Sep, 2013

"banal, banal australia."

you are kidding. go listen to the jaws of life and tell me it's banal.

Brian B

Brian B said on the 27th Sep, 2013

Tribute To Rowland S. Howard album for sale was released Jan 01, 2008 on the Stagger label.