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Fiona Apple arrested in Texas

Fiona Apple has been arrested for possession of hash in Sierra Blanca, Texas by the same authorities who recently nabbed singer Willie Nelson, rapper Snoop Dogg and The Social Network actor Armie Hammer on drug charges. Apple is currently being held in a Hudspeth County jail where the local judge has set the singer’s bond at $11,000.

Following several delays Apple recently returned with a new album The Idler Wheel, the long awaited follow up to 2005’s Extraordinary Machine. Currently on tour to promote the album, Apple was scheduled to play Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater on Thursday night (Austin time) but the show has been cancelled.

Asked by Reuters why so many celebrities have been arrested in the remote West Texas county, Judge Becky Dean-Walker, quipped that they are nabbed “because they come through here with stuff they shouldn’t have.” According to the Huffington Post, “drug-sniffing dogs inspect more than 17,000 trucks, travelers and tour buses daily” at the checkpoint.

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Dwayne Barry

Dwayne Barry said on the 21st Sep, 2012

that's okay, will make for good material for her next album in 12 years time. also, come to australia please.


Oflick said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

I'm now imagining Fiona Apple in a women in prison film. I'm a little turned on.


Piko said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

For someone with an ailing career like Fiona Apple, a trip through Austin Texas may be all the album publicity she needs.


MorningAfterboy said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Top 5 charting in the US, top 20 charting in Canada, worldwide charting in Portugal, Switzerland and Austria, 89 score on Metacritic, strong sales for her own tour across North America including nearly a million dollars in revenue on the first leg alone... do you really think that hers is an "ailing" career?


Piko said on the 23rd Sep, 2012


Released: July 23, 1996
Label: Clean Slate, Work, Columbia (#OK-67439)
Format: CS, CD, MiniDisc, LP, digital download

15 43 48 21 22 —

US: 2,700,000[2]

US: 3× Platinum[1]
CAN: Platinum[12]

When the Pawn…

Released: November 9, 1999
Label: Clean Slate, Epic (#EK-69195)
Format: CS, CD, LP, digital download

13 54 — 32 — 46

US: 1,008,000[2]

US: Platinum[1]

Extraordinary Machine

Released: October 4, 2005
Label: Clean Slate, Epic (#EK-86683)
Format: CD, LP, digital download

7 53 — 61 — —

US: 563,000[2]

US: Gold[1]

The Idler Wheel...

Released: June 19, 2012
Label: Clean Slate, Epic (#88691-97863-2)
Format: CD, CD+DVD, LP, digital download

3 23 149 54 30 68

US: 165,000[13]

Yes I do. You may be too young to realise so i forgive your brash rebuttal.


MorningAfterboy said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Don't condescend to me. It really just makes you look even more of a prick.

For an artist in 2012 to release an album with little to no publicity after such an extensive time away and to generate any form of interest, especially as much as she has received on the back on this album, is notable. Of COURSE she hasn't got the same sales she did in 1996. Nobody does. It's a completely different time, especially in the US charts. You could also argue with your logic that VHS sales of Toy Story have gone down substantially since 1996, thus nobody cares about Toy Story anymore. She's doing as well as an artist that makes her kind of music can really do in this current climate - hell, maybe even slightly better.


andy_chalmers_102 said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Because nothing has happened to the record industry in the last 16 years that might affect album sales...


Piko said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Haha yes but that doesn't explain a 2.5 million drop in sales really does it. Though the album has been out for only a couple of months compared to 16 years, so that makes it an even more unfair comparison . HoweverI hadn't even heard the new album was released.

It is unfair to compare album sales today to those in the 90's sure. But she was BIG in 1996, I am just saying you may not be aware how big. she won a Grammy even for best song and she has never managed to have that same success with less and less publicity (In Australia at least) which each subsequent release. But she still has a solid fan base that garuntee's she will sell albums. 6 years without an album puts her in a risky position though and from what you say it sounds like she is doing well, but stil any publicity is good publicity right now and I wish her the best of luck. Would love to hear her on radio again. Perhaps I don't listen to the right stations to hear her


MorningAfterboy said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

It doesn't? Can you name ANY artist that was selling millions in 1996 that is still selling that much now?

She's one of my favourite artists, why would I not know that?

The Idler Wheel really isn't radio material, save for one or two songs. It's a very bare, raw album. I am head over heels in love with it - maybe you will be too once you listen to it? - but it's far from user-friendly.


Piko said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Can i think of someone huge in 1996 that is still massive now that has the same impact with new music.. hrmm not really sadly. and anyone with a huge popularity back then like ACDC, Metallica or Madonna even, their older albums still sell better than their new ones so I don't really know

Muse? - a tad unfair they have been growing in popularity.

Greendays album American Idiot was their second largest selling album. (found that one because of reading that Greenday article I read today).

Anyhow I will spin the album soon, I am keen to hear it.


MorningAfterboy said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

Muse? Their debut album didn't even come out until 1999.


Piko said on the 23rd Sep, 2012

I know their debut wasn't in 96 silly. They are just the only band starting in the 90's i could think of without spending more than 5 minutes looking, but from 99 until now is still useful. MP3's were only beginning to gain a popularity spread in 1999, at least that is the year I started gathering some, so its not an unfair year to use really. In fact Napster was released in 1999 and Kazaa wasn't until 2001.

Unfortunately I can't think of a band from around 96 that still releases albums today that have the popularity of the albums they released then. So it's impossible to use any artist as a benchmark. Radiohead seem to have a slow decay on sales from album to album that would give a good measure however as their fan base may be the steadiest of any band and their new albums still get a lot of interest from their fans. Though even then you have to take into considering the change in style after OK Computer that reduced their sales. But of course there should be a regular downturn, It would be better to find an actual sales chart than finding a particular one off band to prove anything.

I found this link funny however I am trying to find a sales chart.

"The highest one-week tally recorded during the Soundscan era is 45.4 million albums, in late December, 2000." So anywhere before then would be legal at least. But lets go back to my badly worded post in which I was simply saying it will be useful media attention for her as i didnt even know the album had been released. I listened to it and enjoyed it = )


Alfonzo said on the 24th Sep, 2012

I had tickets to see her in Austin last Thursday, so pretty disappointing. She ended up out of the slammer and continued on her tour, so the Austin show was the only one which was missed. They have said it is "postponed" and not cancelled. Don't know about the other shows, but Austin was sold out at ~$50 a ticket and 2500 capacity, so I'm not sure her career is exactly "ailing" as someone else described.

Apple was going to play at a venue on Willie Nelson Blvd, with a giant Willie statue out the front (that was unveiled on 4/20 at 4:20pm). He was caught in the same redneck hillbilly border town, and the prosecutor wanted him to sing a song for the courtroom, and then they would let him off.


Piko said on the 24th Sep, 2012

Aye thankfully as I have been informed her career seems to not be ailing