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Are Alien Ant Farm reallyworth $15000?

MC Hammer is four times as good as Wavves, roughly half as decent as Hootie and the Blowfish and basically the same as TV On the Radio. Those are just a few of the mathematical shocks provided by the Pretty Polly Productions booking sheet that did the rounds online today..

The booking chart for the “full service booking agency and concert production company specializing in college concerts, comedy, weddings, and private events/parties” provides plenty of shock revelations and amusing notes if you believe the quoted figures. Alien Ant Farm cost $10000 – $15000?! Ja Rule still exists and charges up to $50000?!

The list also includes a price for Bob Marley, which sets of alarm bells screaming ‘fake!’ until you realise that it’s Robert Cochrane “Bob” Marley, Jr., a comedian from Portland. However The Living End’s manager (and part time TV critic) Rae Harvey has declared that the list is fake telling M+N that “It probably explains why we’ve been getting strange emails from colleges in the US wanting to book The Living End for 7.5 to 10 grand… Our freight costs are more than that”.

We’re fairly prepared to believe that Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Jerry Seinfeld, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Usher will indeed set you back “BIG $$$” and Foo Fighters will make you cough up at least $300000. So as a mild time wasting distraction here’s a look at what the Aussies on the list are ‘worth’.

A set from Cut Copy will set you back the most, lightening your bank balance by a cool $60 – $75000. That’s more than double their closest local rivals, The Temper Trap and John Butler Trio, who charge just $30 – $35000 for a gig. Architecture In Helsinki are yours for $20000 while Missy Higgans leaves after a gig with a suitcase loaded with $12500 – $15000. If Tommy Emmanuel is more to your taste you’ll need between $10000 and $15 000, but Ben Lee will play for $8500, and Tame Impala will drop by for $7500.

An Horse and Daniel Merriweather go for just $5000 a piece; while Ladyhawke charges anywhere between $2500 and $5000. Down in the bargain bin Crayon Fields will play at your wedding, bar mitzvah or just for your idle amusement for just $500 – $2500. Wolfmother, Miami Horror and the ‘on hiatus’ Silverchair keep their cards closer to their chests and are simply listed as “call for pricing”.

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Jestarrr said on the 14th Jun, 2012

It doesn't say in the contract however that Wavves demands 5 ounces of weed per visit.


crob said on the 14th Jun, 2012

GODSMACK 75K - 100K.... pass


Quicky said on the 14th Jun, 2012

Can't believe MCR think they deserve 100 - 200K a gig?


tyler07 said on the 14th Jun, 2012

Well if you look at MCR post-Black Parade in Australia, they had a strong arena tour supporting the album, then booked as second headliner for SW2010 (before canceling), and then a BDO headliner under Kanye and Soundgarden who were getting $1mil a show. So I think 100k easily makes sense.


jacegalvin said on the 14th Jun, 2012

I think he was trying to insult them


radical_man said on the 14th Jun, 2012

If you would put your penis or your dick in a alcohol would you get a banned on an Australian radio? For example if you are or if you a were a shocked jock?


tyler07 said on the 14th Jun, 2012

I'm a 14 year old emo inside so I took actual offense to it.


jacegalvin said on the 14th Jun, 2012

At least you're not inside a 14 year old emo


daveyac8881 said on the 14th Jun, 2012

15k doesn't sound like that much for AAF, transport for the band and gear would probably cost that


snapcrackleROCK said on the 14th Jun, 2012

The real question that doesn't seem to be getting asked is - what does 'full service' mean??


berlinchair101 said on the 14th Jun, 2012

I don't think I'd pay 15K to see the guys from Alien Ant Farm do what they are probably doing now for a fiver.


nos235 said on the 15th Jun, 2012

The performance fee is seperate to costs.


Bandolier said on the 15th Jun, 2012

the company i work for tried to get operator please (gag) for a xmas party and they wanted 30 grand. thankfully my bosses told them to sod off.


daverh said on the 15th Jun, 2012

Fuck off, The Movies is a sick song.


Hinee said on the 15th Jun, 2012

I would go in debt $25,000 to have the Kaiser Chiefs play at my birthday.