Image for Pearl Jam to headline Jay-Z’s Made in America festival

Pearl Jam to headlineJay-Z’s Made in Americafestival

Pearl Jam will headline the two-day ‘Made in America’ festival curated by Jay-Z in Philadelphia. The other headliner (no shock) will be Jay himself, although he hasn’t yet announced who’ll be joining him on stage – Beyonce? The Roots? Kanye?.

The eclectic bill of 28 acts, that according to Hov “embody the American spirit”, also includes Passion Pit, Santigold, Dirty Projectors, Skrillex, Odd Future and a rejuvenated D’Angelo. Exactly how English DJ/producer Calvin Harris, Dutch producer Afrojack and Swedish indie pop crew Miike Snow fit into the flag waving ‘Made in America’ concept isn’t entirely clear.

The Roc-A-Fella boss also claims that he’s trying to contact Barack Obama to perform “a little rendition of Al Green” at the festival, which would easily turn the whole thing into the best campaign rally of the year. Jay says that a “significant” portion of the festival’s proceeds will be donated to United Way charities.

Speaking to, Jay explained his booking policy: “I’ve always believed in good music over bad music. I believe in two sorts of musics. And the lines that separate us, I don’t believe in that. That’s for people who need to easily define what they’re hearing. Me, I’m cool with everything and anything I’m hearing that’s music. It comes under one definition for me.”

Made in America festival:
Pearl Jam
Miike Snow
Calvin Harris
Odd Future
Maybach Music (feat. Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill)
Passion Pit
Dirty Projectors
Janelle Monae
Prince Royce
Rita Ora
Savoy (DJ set)
The Knocks
more to be announced…

Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd September

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i_have_ADD said on the 22nd May, 2012

singer of miike snow is american... calvin harris has worked with rihanna, and afrojack is banging paris hilton. maybe it's like a six degrees of separation thing?


crob said on the 22nd May, 2012

damn, just miss out... arrive on the east coast on the 2nd


tyler07 said on the 22nd May, 2012

Would definitely attend that lineup.


snapcrackleROCK said on the 22nd May, 2012

Sweet baby Jesus. (I can't believe I'm the first person to post this).


berlinchair101 said on the 17th Sep, 2013

Josh Homme had a bad time at Made In America