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Slipknot member working withFred Durst and Professor Green

Last month Slipknot and Stone Sour lead guitarist Jim Root and Limp Bizkit bassist Sam Rivers announced a collaboration, now Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson has confirmed that he is working with Limp Bizkit chief Fred Durst. Maybe the two bands should just merge?

Wilson told NME that he has “been hanging around with Fred. We did the Australian tour together and we just clicked instantly… There was an instant connection when we got to talking. I went out to Florida to hang out with him and we went into the Cash Money, Young Money studios together to work on new music.”

In addition to hanging out with the star of the upcoming sit-com Douchebag while on tour in Australia Wilson also ran into and pop-rapper Professor Green backstage at Future Music Festival. Yes, Slipknot members were hanging out at Future Music Festival.

Wilson told NME that he and fellow Slipknot member Clown ran into Professor Green at Future and that their collaboration “is going to have a DJ sound, but it’ll be dirtier and grimier, with more of a punk rock edge to it.” Apparently Wilson is a “total fan” of the rapper and plays his stuff “all the time” in his truck. As he explained to NME: “My family’s from England and I grew up on grime, jungle and drum’n’bass so it’ll be cool to work with someone who’s from that world. It’

When asked about the Durst collaboration Wilson revealed that “I’m going to do an EP with Fred Durst. I don’t want to say too much, but it’s definitely part of this new, dirtier approach to music making I’m doing right now. It’s great to work with Fred, he understands the harder edge of the world that I’m into.”

Looks like that old Slipknot Vs Limp Bizkit feud is officially done and dusted, perhaps Sid Wilson will appear on the “heaviest” and “most crazy metal record” ever that Limp Bizkit is cooking up for Lil Wayne’s label Cash Money.

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LukeONfire said on the 28th Mar, 2012

i'm actually pretty interested to see how all of this turns out.


Hinee said on the 28th Mar, 2012

i'm interested in this for the same reasons that i'm interested in the new teenage mutant ninja turtles VS aliens movie.


TheOriginalSlipdog said on the 28th Mar, 2012

its not tmnt vs aliens, he is re writing the origin of the turtles to say that their are Aliens.

Love this Limpbizkit shit


gumbuoy said on the 28th Mar, 2012

And how long do you think it will be before he announces that Shredder is also going to be an alien? Hell, TMNT fought aliens all the time anyway.


TheOriginalSlipdog said on the 29th Mar, 2012 personally thinks its a stupid move. I wouldn't want deranged turtles fans after me.