Image for Finally a Facebook just for Juggalos! Welcome to JuggaloBook

Finally a Facebook just forJuggalos! Welcome toJuggaloBook

If you’re sad that you can’t make it to the annual Gathering of the Juggalos to throw rubbish at third tier rappers, you can at least join the ‘criminal gang’ by signing up to JuggaloBook.

While JuggaloBook does look so much like Facebook that it’s practically begging Mark Zuckerberg to sue them there are a few subtle differences; for example on JuggaloBook you don’t have friends, you have “Homies” and instead of “liking” something you give it a “Whoop Whoop!”. You also need to sign up as a Juggalo, Juggalette or female Juggalo (Juggalo jargon note: a Juggalette is a girlfriend of a Juggalo, while a female Juggalo is a single fan.)

According to Crave, the domain was registered on Feb. 20, 2010 but the site has grown rapidly in the past few weeks and now boasts more than 12,500 members.

That’s right; a 12,500 strong face-painting Juggalo army ready to be mobilised at a moment’s notice. The Faygo Revolution can’t be far away from occupying the towns of middle America.

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crob said on the 6th Mar, 2012



i_have_ADD said on the 6th Mar, 2012

that instructional video is certainly... detailed... they aren't giving the juggalos much credit for being able to figure things out for themselves.


i_have_ADD said on the 6th Mar, 2012

ps i really LOVE that there are different terms for the "mrs" and "ms" of the juggalo community! AMAZING


MrEMann said on the 11th Mar, 2012

it's interesting that this article at no point mentions insane clown posse.