Image for Hooky denies knowledge of Joy Divison 'Mickey Mouse' t-shirt

Hooky denies knowledge of JoyDivison 'Mickey Mouse' t-shirt

Peter Hook may be content to drag the corpse of Joy Division around the globe reheating the band’s songs on tribute tours, however he denies any involvement with the creation of Disney’s JD inspired Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

As reported on Pitchfork yesterday, Disney has created a tee that combines Mickey’s unmistakable silhouette with the album artwork from Unknown Pleasures. Yes, that is the sound of Ian Curtis rolling in his grave.

While many pointed the finger at Hooky, he has told MTV that he doesn’t know who gave the approval for the shirt to be created: “Since the others don’t talk to me I wouldn’t know…I have seen a lot of Mickey Mouse t-shirts in my time. But I have to say this is probably the best… I hope that [Disney] will be as understanding when we start doing Donald Duck shirts.”

Pitchfork reports that the other members of New Order – due on our shores for Future Music Festival this March – were not involved in the creation of the shirt, however, they declined to officially comment when approached by the publication.

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monokhrome_nite said on the 24th Jan, 2012

Not gonna lie, I'd buy the shit out of that shirt.


Furymouth said on the 25th Jan, 2012

i thought the star was pod racer/ joy division shirt would raise a few eyebrows...


reegsman said on the 25th Jan, 2012

i'm sure that artworks been used a stack of times, frenzal rhomb have a pisstake hoodie of it


ohoffmann08 said on the 25th Jan, 2012

mother fucker. i dont care if this dosnt have anything to do with this story thing but every fuckin hipster in this city wears fucking joy division shirts. like, i saw like 10 the other day. fuckin hipsters. oh and the ramones, everyone of thoes hipsters wear ramones shirts. the ramones are trendy as fuck now. i like both of thoes bands by the way. now i no all of you faster louder people are fucking hipsters so dont get affended and ill just go back to kill your stereo.


berlinchair101 said on the 25th Jan, 2012

The Ramones are a band? Cool!

Are the Henelys a band too?

Is Ed Hardy a solo artist like Gotye?


RAMONESelaar said on the 25th Jan, 2012

What's all this crap about people wearing shirts with my name on them?!


RAMONESelaar said on the 25th Jan, 2012

On a different note, Disney have pulled the shirts:

"As soon as we became aware there could be an issue, we pulled it from our shelves and our online store to review the situation further."



Oflick said on the 26th Jan, 2012

wish they hadn't been pulled. i'd have bought one.