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Lil Wayne to publish prisonmemoir

With the rate that rappers tend to brag about toting guns and getting high, one could be forgiven for forgetting that both the possession of weapons and narcotic substances are actually, wait for it, illegal.

One musician who knows this all too well is Lil Wayne, who recently spent eight months in the slammer for both of the aforementioned offences. But not wanting to let the down time go to waste, the embattled rap star has today announced that he’ll be releasing a prison memoir. Step aside Nelson Mandela!

Titled Gone Till November, the book is based on diary entries written by Lil Wayne over the course of his sentence in New York’s Rikers Island in 2010. In a press release, Grand Central Publishing’s Ben Greenberg described the book as “revealing” and slated the release date for November 28.

If Lil Wayne lyrics like No Love’s “Yeah, put a dick in their mouth, so I guess it’s fuck what they say/I’m high as a bitch, up, up and away” are anything to go by, we’re sure the memoir will be verbose and moving account of a life on the inside.

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viktorwiener said on the 15th Jan, 2012

Hopefully he's gonna include some of his classic guitar tabs in the book...


Hinee said on the 15th Jan, 2012

verbose seems an apt description heh


aliago said on the 15th Jan, 2012

he shanked me like a lollipop.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 15th Jan, 2012

This will almost surely be the worst book I ever read cover to cover.

Right alongside Time Desk:The Adventures Of Dean Dangerous.