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Refused to embark on worldtour

Refused Are Not Fucking Dead. In fact, the seminal Swedish punks are very much alive, and following on from the news they will play Coachella this April Refused have promised fans a world tour.

According to Punk News, Dennis Lyxzen has assured “non-American” fans there will be plenty more shows to come, saying: “For all you Swedes and other non-Americans; we will post more dates soon. Even though it would be great to have everyone over at Coachella for the first show you can save your hard earned cash and hopefully see us somewhere closer to home!”

The band has already revealed their first homeland show, announcing over night they will play Sweden’s Way Out West Festival on August 9th.

When asked by FL in a 2010 interview what it would take for Refused to reform, drummer David Sandström declared: “I don’t know. I have no idea. It’s not something that comes naturally from anyone of us anymore. The same way that you would hear rumours about Refused reforming, I hear those rumours. I just heard a couple of months ago that Refused were playing in America this summer and I was just like ‘that’s fucking weird’. You wonder who makes that shit up. It’s just annoying I suppose.”

While we are not sure exactly what happened over the last 18 months, we now have all our fingers crossed that those “non-Americans,” could mean Australians.

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Nosyt said on the 10th Jan, 2012

Day on the Green here they come

Spicy McHaggis

Spicy McHaggis said on the 10th Jan, 2012

Dear Blue Murder/Destroyalllines/Frontier Entertainment.

Please book this before AJ does.


batdan said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Just need ATDI to tour and I won't have to go to Cochella


yetiite said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Yeah. I pray this isn't wasted on Soundwave.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 11th Jan, 2012

"Refused to embark on world tour"?
Who refused to embark on world tour?!

Get your shit together FL, don't post articles with names missing from the headline.
Herp derp herp derp herp derp


Braveheart81 said on the 11th Jan, 2012

The Who refused to embark on their world tour?

What a bunch of hipster assholes.


Adriatic said on the 24th Apr, 2012

no way not soundwaves!!!!!!


batdan said on the 24th Apr, 2012

Refused are playing at my house, my house.

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 24th Apr, 2012

I walked off to see Amon Tobin instead.....I do not regret that decision in the slightest

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 24th Apr, 2012

Nah Amon was in that tented area and was slightly warmer.....but his set was not suited to a festival at all