Image for Australian producer jailed and banned from America for 10 years

Australian producer jailed andbanned from America for 10years

Australian electronic producer Pogo, who is best known for his film-themed electro-mashups, had previously been in some copyright hot water – but when he travelled State-side for a performance without a work visa, things got real nasty.

Pogo, real name Nick Bertke, spent three weeks in an American jail and has now been banned from entering the US for a whopping ten years. Bertke alleges concert promoters the Agency Group failed to provide him with the appropriate documentation for his trip – and he’s mighty pissed off about it.

Bertke posted on his blog: “For those of you less informed, I have just spent three weeks in US custody. Two in a county jail, and one in a federal detention centre. It was proper incarceration, courtesy of The Agency Group and their failure to provide me with the correct travel documents for my September tour in 2011. The moment they heard the news, they removed me from their list of clients and never communicated with me again.

I’m not one to set fire to people’s reputations, but wow, I was unimpressed with these people to put it mildly. “

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daveyac8881 said on the 18th Nov, 2011

Worst promoters ever. Makes AJ look pretty amazing

The Great Monkey War

The Great Monkey War said on the 18th Nov, 2011

Oh wow, that sucks.

I really like his music.


AzraelBlack said on the 20th Nov, 2011

i like that the youtube user is named fagottron.


Piko said on the 21st Nov, 2011

Yer that sux, why isn't he sueing yet.


Braveheart81 said on the 21st Nov, 2011

At the end of the day it will be his fault. He clearly entered the US on a tourist visa rather than a work visa.

You can't line these things up while you're there, let alone let someone else do it on your behalf while you're there.


Cpt_Pugwash said on the 21st Nov, 2011

Visa's should be abolished.


gumbuoy said on the 22nd Nov, 2011

yeah let's just let everyone go everywhere, that'll work...