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Pixies finally ready to writea new album?

Twenty years after their last album Trompe le Monde and seven years since their reunion and comeback single Bam Thwok it looks as though Pixies might finally make a new album.

The band released a single in 2004 but two years later Frank Black told dad-rock bible Uncut that “I wish it could go a bit further again and we could make a record. Not all of the band-members are willing to do that. Rather than make a big deal out of it, we’ve agreed to just continue to play live.”

In a new interview with Spinner the band’s guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering have spoken about the frustration of not recording and declared that the time is right for a new record.

Lovering says that when they reformed they were happy to just tour and that although they’ve spoken about a new album for years nothing’s come to fruition. “We want to protect the legacy,” he explains, “If we do something, it better be good. And as we go along—it’s been seven years now—it gets more difficult to make that decision… We should be touring Bossanova by now, but that’s not going to happen. We’re gonna wear out our welcome soon enough. We gotta plan to make something new.”

Santiago added “That talk about making a record will be in the forefront next because it’ll be time, you know. It’ll be time. We’ve definitely gelled as a unit and hopefully when we can all bury the hatchet – and we have – maybe we’ll go in there and hope for the best”

The guitarist also claims that Bono even asked the band to “Please make a record!” and says that he would be frustrated not to record a new record: “I think we should do it. But it’s up to everybody.”

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polite_society said on the 4th May, 2011

I like the idea, but i'm not hoping for much.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer said on the 4th May, 2011

They can quit talking about it and just do it.

Surely it will be decent enough, possibly quite good...


gumbuoy said on the 4th May, 2011

this is absolutely something i believe will happen.


Piko said on the 4th May, 2011

Hope so Gumby, I have known all along that its been Kim Deal that doesnt want to do a new album. What Dave and Joe say still doesnt change that fact, but maybe she will stop being so stubborn soon, as the boys apply the pressure.


gumbuoy said on the 4th May, 2011

sorry, i should have known better than to try to be ironical on the internet.

i should have said:

this is never going to happen.


snapcrackleROCK said on the 4th May, 2011

Would prefer a new Breeders album.