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New Nick Cave movie

Though he recently collaborated with UNKLE and has a new Grinderman album coming out in September followed by a European tour, Nick Cave still has time to adapt his novel The Death of Bunny Monro into a made-for-TV movie.

Cave has announced that the story about the breakdown of a disillusioned middle-aged man dealing with the suicide of his ill wife, will star Ray Winstone and be directed by John Hillcoat.

The trio also teamed up for The Proposition back in 2005, which was writtern and scored by Cave, directed by Hillcoat, and featured Ray Winstone in a lead role.

According to an interview in Empire ,the book actually began life as a screenplay, but was rewritten as a novel when the film project went nowhere.

”[Winstone] really loved the script when we first handed it to him,” says Cave. “He was really excited about it, and really distressed when it kinda tanked and never got made.”


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Alexphotosite said on the 8th Jul, 2010

Cool. There's an iPhone App/eBook for this and it's surprisingly well done.


ashryn said on the 8th Jul, 2010

I liked the book, but I don't think I want to see the movie... I'm a delicate petal


Pop_Crimes said on the 8th Jul, 2010

of course this is going to be amazing


abby said on the 8th Jul, 2010

the book was awful, but hillcoat may save it as the movie...


Hinee said on the 9th Jul, 2010

I loved the book. Anything that can make me laugh out loud on a bus gets my approval


Piko said on the 9th Jul, 2010

i'd much prefer his first novel And the Ass Saw the Angel made into a movie! read them one after the other and the first is much better by far, read it if you haven't!


grattan said on the 11th Jul, 2010

I prefered Bunny to Ass Saw the Angel; Nick Cave as Irvine Welsh is far more entertaining than Nick Cave as Moses with a thesaurus.


Piko said on the 11th Jul, 2010

I don't know, the Bunny Monroe story had a good sway to it, but the overall story of Ass Saw the Angel had decidedly more depth to it. Yes the linguistics were painful, though this was saved my Nicks redundancy in saying the same thing in 5 different ways so you eventually worked out what he was describing. But ignoring how it was written, the story itself is just so much stronger.


grattan said on the 28th Jul, 2010

Looks like Cave is doing the new Crow movie as well...

From The Wrap (a Hollywood goss site):

[URL="http://www.thewrap.com/movies/column-post/exclusive-nick-cave-rewrite-crow-remake-19578?page=0,0"]The last we heard about Relativity Media's remake of "The Crow," producer Ed Pressman told MTV that an offer was out to a "major actor" and director Stephen Norrington ("Blade") had finished a "terrific" screenplay that would be set in two locations: "the southwest -- the Mexico/Arizona area -- and an urban [setting] -- Detroit or Pittsburgh or something like that."

Well apparently Norrington's take wasn't quite "terrific" enough, as Pressman recently told TheWrap that none other than iconic musician and acclaimed screenwriter Nick Cave has come on to rewrite the script.

Hiring Cave to rewrite Norrington's script is a bold move, but it may prove to be worth it in the long run, as Cave may be the perfect choice to help resurrect the fading franchise.


disco said on the 28th Jul, 2010

lifted this from dark horizons after reading about it on a few different sites.....
Nick Cave Rewrites "The Crow"

By Garth Franklin Tuesday July 27th 2010 04:11AM
Australian musician and acclaimed screenwriter Nick Cave ("The Proposition") has come onboard to rewrite the script for "The Crow" reboot at Relativity Media reports The Wrap.

Director Stephen Norrington ("Blade") had penned the previous draft which swapped the action between the deserts of the U.S. south-west and a more urban location.

The news comes shortly after it was revealed at Comic Con by Guillermo Del Toro that Cave will be doing music for a darker stop-motion film based on "Pinocchio" which Gris Grimly is co-directing.

do we need another re-boot?
normally i would run a mile from this but if cave does come on board then it could be sensational.


disco said on the 29th Jul, 2010

woops sorry grattan, didnt see your post buddy.