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New Van Halen album with DavidLee Roth

Renowned abusers of hairspray and other substances throughout the 1980s, flamboyant rock gods Van Halen have nearly finished work on a new album, due out in the first half of next year.

The band’s iconic, deranged original singer David Lee Roth has been confirmed as vocalist for the new record, shedding interesting light on the dynamic between Roth and eponymous guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

The relationship between the two is notoriously torrid, with Roth leaving the band in 1985 largely due to personal differences with Van Halen.

He was replaced first with Sammy Hagar, then Gary Cherone, leading to greater commercial success for the band, but sacrificing some of their critical acclaim.

Van Halen reformed for a reunion tour in 2007, with a line-up of Eddie Van Halen, brother Alex, Eddie’s son Wolfgang and Roth rocking audiences across North America.

Music website Consequence of Sound reports the possibility of another tour to accompany the new album, with a single released before the end of the year.


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AndyLedHead said on the 5th Jul, 2010

rock gods is the most overused term in the musical dictionary.

i'd prefer flamboyant 60 year old fucks


rodismdotcom said on the 5th Jul, 2010

I'd prefer Gary Cherone.


Alexphotosite said on the 5th Jul, 2010

Upon hearing this, every 101.7 WSFM Van Halen fan just had a bit of a David Lee froth.


tyler07 said on the 5th Jul, 2010

Haha, this should be interesting...

Would definitely like to seem live though, even if just for seeing Eddie shred.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 5th Jul, 2010

Jump is kinda the best song ever written.

Napoleon Solo

Napoleon Solo said on the 5th Jul, 2010

You are flirting with accuracy. What I wouldn't take in the ass to see Eddie live one day.


Alexphotosite said on the 5th Jul, 2010

"Naps would do anything for Eddie! Yes, he would take that! He would take it in the ass!"


Cpt_Pugwash said on the 5th Jul, 2010

Van Halen and Bon Jovi would be a pretty ace double bill.


grattan said on the 13th Jul, 2011

From The Examiner- Promoter says Van Halen is 'surrounded by idiots:

Australian concert promoter AJ Maddah has taken to Twitter to vent his frustrations with Van Halen's handlers, tweeting, "I must say, for one of the world's biggest bands, Van Halen are surrounded by idiots."

Maddah is the organizer for the upcoming Soundwave Festival, which Van Halen is slated to headline. The dates have been confirmed for months, but the aggravated promoter still hasn't been able to get the information posted on Van Halen's official web site. "2 months after announcement stll can't get the dates on their site despite daily promises..." he added.

The group is currently finishing up a new album with David Lee Roth, its first with Roth since 1984, and the project has gone through all manner of delays, changes, rumors and denials. Andrew McNeice of Melodic Rock has been following the internal soap opera closely, and today he posted an update with new information from "a known and trusted source close to ground zero."

McNeice wrote:

The new Van Halen studio album has NO release date at this point as it is not yet 100% finished. Yep...they are still working on completing it. John Shanks did his bit and now Ross Hogarth, after working with the band in 2010 is back at 5150 to finish the job. There is a single imminent however, but again a date for that arriving at radio or retail is also not yet firm. I'm told "they" are still working on a final mix for the single.
As for a date for the album - I have said all along my money is on October. I'm sticking to that, but with this info, I'd say late October now. No way will the album drop while the band are in Australia and it is desired to have the album out by November because...
- Van Halen's US tour will commence in NOVEMBER!
- Van Halen's 2011/2012 tour will commence in November and I'm told it is likely that the band will stay on the road thru the next Northern summer (mid-2012) with the tour taking in Asia, South America and Europe (watch for the band to possibly headline some festivals in Europe 2012).

That's it for now folks.....short, but concise. Work continues on this album and a single might appear next month. Tour plans are being locked in for a sizeable world tour starting in Australia in September then re-launching in the US in November.