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New band for Kate Moss and TheKills' Jamie Hince

The Kills’ Jamie Hince has reportedly formed a new five-piece band featuring his girlfriend Kate Moss.

The NME reports that the unnamed new group has already been in the studio, with material including a cover of a song by The Velvet Underground set to surface soon.

According to “a close friend’ quoted by that always reputable tabloid the Daily Star “Kate has an amazing voice. This will change the way people think of her. She was born to be a rock ‘n’ roll star.

Apparently Moss has “been getting really involved, taking the session musicians out for dinner and giving her musical input.”

The pair has reportedly been photographed naked in-bed “John Lennon and Yoko Ono-style” for the new band’s debut single.

Though his Kills bandmate Alison Mosshart is busy promoting The Dead Weather’s second album Sea of Cowards, Hince and Mosshart have nearly completed work on the fourth Kills album .

Listen to Kate Moss singing with Primal Scream

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Yaki said on the 10th May, 2010

Wow she DOES have talent... We're talking same calibre as 'Our Kylie'!


nyxx said on the 11th May, 2010

hahahaha. is this because alison mosshart is doing so well with the dead weather?

i'd be interested in hearing what it will sound like.


libby said on the 11th May, 2010

I heard her duet-styles on stage at glasto with former bf pete doherty. it was the most cringeworthy thing i've seen and i'll never get those 5 minutes back :|