Image for Fan pays $20K for Freese

Fan pays $20K for Freese

Late last year FasterLouder reported that superstar drummer Josh Freese was offering fans some bespoke deals. For $7 you could pick up a signed copy of Freese’s solo album Since 1972, while at the other end of the scale $75,000 would secure you the man’s services as a sticksman or personal assistant.

A cool $20,000 buys a “signed drum-kit, miniature golf trip and drum lesson or back massage” – a bargain one young American fan couldn’t pass up. Speaking to Music Radar last week, Freese revealed he was going beyond the call of duty to please his 19-year-old charge (who possibly “blew his inheritance or something”).

“He was only supposed to get one day, but we’re stretching it out into a couple of days,” Freese enthused. “He’s coming over my house in a little bit and I’ll let him go through my closet. I’ll give him this really great snare that I used on the last Nine Inch Nails tour.

“I took him to meet [Devo’s] Mark Mothersbaugh, and earlier today, Maynard from Tool was nice enough to come and play miniature golf with us. I have to play on Slash’s album later today…maybe I’ll take him to that.”

Sound like a good deal? What would you want for your 20 grand?

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sophieb90 said on the 14th Jul, 2009

you know what they say... some people have more money than sense.

Dexter Ramone

Dexter Ramone said on the 14th Jul, 2009

True, but they really added some great incentive to that deal!


CureMe said on the 14th Jul, 2009

I wish i had more money than sense.... i am not even very sensible but I definitely have less money that my sense


JackT said on the 14th Jul, 2009

I have more cents than money.


whitecollarcrime said on the 14th Jul, 2009

That's magnificent. I bet the kid drives a hummer


sarahanne said on the 15th Jul, 2009

He probably got one from Freese for that price too