Image for Ryan Adams tells FL "I'm not quitting"

Ryan Adams tells FL "I'm notquitting"

Speaking with FasterLouder exclusively this week ahead of his Australian tour with The Cardinals, the irrepressible Ryan Adams made it clear he’s not retiring. Last week, music media claimed Adams was quitting music after he posted a typically verbose blog lamenting he was “ready for quieter times”. The reason for his angst is Meniere’s Disease, a disorder of the inner ear that usually involves the sufferer having progressive hearing loss.

However, Adams isn’t withdrawing entirely from creative pursuits. Instead, he’s decided to disband The Cardinals, with the band’s final performance set for 20 March in Atlanta. Which makes this Australian tour your last chance to catch the troupe together on our stages.

“Of course I have been taken completely out of context…again,” the enfant terrible of alt-country told FL’s Andrew Weaver. “I’m not quitting music. It said in my original blog – and I don’t blog at that original site any more – that I was looking for something a bit quieter and a new structure.”

The hearing loss, though, has certainly changed his priorities. “There are other musical things that I can do where I don’t have to be a person of speculation,” he continued. “There are other ways to make music where it doesn’t hurt my ears so bad because I am SO DEAF.”

Check back on FasterLouder later this week for the full interview to hear Adams spilling about everything from his stage-fright to the critics that don’t get him.

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sarahanne said on the 20th Jan, 2009

Maybe he can rap like Jaoquin Pheaonix?


grattan said on the 20th Jan, 2009

I take it you haven't heard his 'Guess who got a website' rap

Dot com mutha fucker!


sarahanne said on the 20th Jan, 2009

hahah am yet to hear that one

Dexter Ramone

Dexter Ramone said on the 20th Jan, 2009

I swear he said last year that he would join the cardinals full time and wouldn't tour solo anymore.

He can't make up his mind.


MurmuR said on the 20th Jan, 2009

who cares, so long as he keeps singing songs about girls and rocking out...

The Gov

The Gov said on the 20th Jan, 2009

has anyone heard anything about his version of The Strokes Is This It? apparently he covered the entire album using only a mandolin, squeezebox, hammond organ and banjo. What I've give to hear that one....

Dexter Ramone

Dexter Ramone said on the 20th Jan, 2009

Wow, do you know what its called?


mattycarr said on the 21st Jan, 2009

Wow, he's indecisive. Hopefully he'll play a good set this time - three gigs and yet to see him finish one without a tantrum


FuQjump said on the 21st Jan, 2009

If it had leaked I would have heard it ;)


bigdaddykane said on the 23rd Jan, 2009

"It has also been proposed that Ménière's symptoms in some patients may be caused by the deleterious effects of a herpes virus"