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The Garbage Terminator

Shirley Manson, feisty frontwoman for the now-dormant Garbage, has joined the cast of top-rating Fox TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Manson, whose debut album is expected this year, will play Catherine Weaver in the second series of Terminator. Her character is apparently “CEO of Cyberdyne, a cutting edge hi-tech company”. The show has been doing big business in the States, with the first season screening here on Channel 9. Do we sense greatness or garbage?

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antzpantz said on the 30th May, 2008

Too bad the show got pushed back to 10:30pm on Channel 9... must not have been rating well.

But rating 2nd every Monday in America is pretty good.


de-tec-tive said on the 30th May, 2008

i was gonna post this but i didn't think anyone would be interested, haha. Shirley is fucking awesome, it'll be cool to see how she does