SITG 2013 - Forum Tips

Hi all you splendourphiles ... time for a new update on forum tips/rules/shennanigans....

Just some info to help make your visit to our little forum enjoyable:

(1) All information on Splendour in The Grass 2013 (when released !) can be found on or follow on twitter @STIG, facebook and myspace details are all on the website.
(2) Important information will be reposted here as it becomes available. Lineup announced tomorrow 24 APRIL 2013 !!!!!!
(3) SITG 2013 is to be held in @ new site North Byron Parklands (Yelgun) Yahh !!! On the 26/27/28 July 2013. see the announcement video below
(4) Members and Presale information (if any) will come via email to the address registered with SITG/MOSHTIX (from last year).
(5) TIX SOLD OUT ! (except Country Club for now )
(6) What tix type are available - Country Club, 3-Day, Single Days and camping tix ...
(7) In this forum - any repeated posts/threads may be merged at the MODS discretion, warnings for inappropriate content will be given - but total disregards to FL Community guidelines may result in temporary bans or perm-bans.
(8) Play nice and share stories - we are all here to have fun.


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