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New to Splendour 2013

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Jan '13
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New to Splendour 2013
hey i'm a new zealander keen to go to splendour 2013, i'm keen to book in a few months, accommodation etc does anyone know any definite dates, good accommodation, if there are usually buses to the event from byron bay or any other information on the 2013 festival.
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Aug '07
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No dates are locked in yet (I am actively pursuing them) though you can expect Friday July 26-Sunday July 28. Having said that, this year everything is different with the new venue and I've also heard whispers it could be a little later than usual. We found out early February last year, so fingers crossed.
Accommodation wise, you should be fine booking anything in the town of byron and there will be shuttles going regularly. Otherwise, why not just have the whole experience and camp on site? Buy a cheap as shit tent that you just leave there if need be.

Anyway, it's still a little early in the year to have any real definitive answers about this years festival, but we are getting to the pointy end of the season!

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