Image for Laneway's 2014 hit list: “We want Killer Mike and Louis CK to MC next year"

Laneway's 2014 hit list: “Wewant Killer Mike and Louis CKto MC next year"

Laneway Festival co-promoter DANNY ROGERS picks the bands he thinks will be making waves in the next 12 months, and hints at a future festival appearance from Killer Mike.

The brainstrust behind St Jerome’s Laneway Festival has a good track record of picking “next big things” – think Florence and The Machine, Mumford and Sons, Feist, Yeasayer, and the list goes on.

Maintaining their reputation as a festival that’s arguably more in tune with music trends than any other in Australia, this year Laneway has again curated a lineup that’s bursting with bands we have never seen, bands we are dying to see again and one or two bands you may not have heard of. Some of the most buzz-worthy names headed our way this year include New York duo MS MR, blue-wave pioneer Nicholas Jaar, soul singer Jessie Ware and this year’s Mercury Award winners Alt-J.

Given their track record as tastemakers, we wanted to find out what other artists festival organiser Danny Rogers has his eye on in 2013. And who knows, maybe we’ll see a couple of these acts on our shores in February next year?


Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Sound: Electro-pop
Critics say:: “Lauren Mayberry’s neon sing-song vocals makes Chvrches stand out in a crowded field.” – Pitchfork
Danny says: The most exciting act I have come across in years. Songs and production are simply out of control. I do need to disclose that I co-manage them [with Campbell McNeil].


Hometown: London, England
Sound: Indie folk
Critics say: “There is no denying the quiet intensity of the trio’s soundscapes.” – CoS
Danny says: Their two EPs have been beautiful steps forward. Album is due in March. We’re committed if they are!


Hometown: London, England
Sound: Post punk
Critics say: “Musically they’re incredible – jazzily fluid and exploratory but tight, not sloppy and grungy.” – The Guardian
Danny says: The most exciting live act I saw last year. Was like when I saw Warpaint the first time. Something just dropped in my heart.


Hometown: Surrey, England
Sound: Garage-house
Critics say: “An obvious Chicago house influence is rewired through the breakneck whirr of early Noughties bassline garage.” – NME
Danny says: With a new album and so many killer remixes, by January next year it will be game on.

Bored Nothing

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Sound: Indie
Critics say: “Miller’s voice may recall Elliott Smith, but there’s a lot of variety in these lo-fi gems.” – FL
Danny says: How awesome is this guy? Love him, the songs are unreal.

Vance Joy

Hometwon: Melbourne, Australia
Sound: Folk pop
Critics say: “Dylan-esque guitar arrangements, combined with an impressive vocal range, make for catchy pop songs with a unique sense of sophistication that is often absent from modern folk music.” – FL
Danny says: Just beautiful lyrics set to gorgeous guitar tones.

Killer Mike

Hometown: Atlanta, US
Sound: Hip-hop
Critics say: “Limiting himself to one producer, legends-only guest spots, and a real sense that he’d better make this one count, Killer Mike rises to the occasion.” – Pitchfork
Danny says: We want Killer Mike and Louis CK to MC next year’s Laneway..Can any one help us?


Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Sound: Hip-hop
Critics say:Cancer 4 Cure’s essence seems to present itself more as an album for people who’ve swaddled their lives in the liner notes of Hip Hop music.” – HipHopDX
Danny says: These last two will rise and rise especially after EL-P plays Laneway and everyone gets to see who’s the boss.

Laneway Festival 2013 dates and venues:

Friday, February 1 – Alexandria Street, Brisbane
Saturday, February 2 – Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney – SOLD OUT
Sunday, February 3 – Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne – SOLD OUT
Friday, February 8 – Fowler’s Live and UniSA West Courtyards, Adelaide
Saturday, February 9 – Perth Cultural Centre, WA – SOLD OUT

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berlinchair101 said on the 31st Jan, 2013

Would go to a festival of just those acts there.


chrisdsingh said on the 31st Jan, 2013

Thank god pitchfork gave R.A.P music a good review.


MorningAfterboy said on the 31st Jan, 2013

latfh. I guess you're too cool for him now, are you? Fuck up.


jacegalvin said on the 31st Jan, 2013

wut, El-P is playing this year?


jacegalvin said on the 31st Jan, 2013

But I don't know about Killer Mike, most of the live performances I've seen of him have been pretty gash.


monokhrome_nite said on the 31st Jan, 2013

Why do I always mistake El-P as the other ELP.


ROYALwithCHEESE said on the 1st Feb, 2013

I only know him from this...


Sex Cauldron

Sex Cauldron said on the 1st Feb, 2013

ah good good, i'm glad pitchfork are approving of these acts


chrisdsingh said on the 1st Feb, 2013

No.... R.A.P music was amazing and I love Killer Mike.


MorningAfterboy said on the 1st Feb, 2013

Then what the fuck does Pitchfork have to do with anything?


lineofbestfit said on the 2nd Feb, 2013

hopefully it has less 'rock' crap like cloud nothings and japandroids.


jacegalvin said on the 2nd Feb, 2013

It's a joke dude. Because most of the acts on the Laneway lineup are praised by Pitchfork, so if Killer Mike didn't get praise by Pitchfork then he wouldn't be on the festival. I thought it was pretty funny.