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The winners and losers of theHottest 100

JODY MACGREGOR picks out the winners and losers of yesterday's triple j Hottest 100 – from hip-hop to maths geeks.

Loser – The entire nation of Australia

There were 42 Australian songs in the Hottest 100 and that number is only achieved by cheating and counting Kimbra. The previous year there were 44 Australian songs in the list; obviously our nationalism is beginning to slip. An even bigger warning sign is that none of the top three songs were by Australians or even Belgian-Australians, which has not happened since the dark year 2008 when Kings of Leon, MGMT and Kings of Leon again held a foreign stranglehold on our top three. Is it true? Are we slowly beginning to get over our flag-waving patriotism when it comes to music?

Winner – Unoriginality

Matt Corby’s cover of ‘Lonely Boy’, recorded for “Like a Version”, landed at #69. Thundamentals' version of ‘Brother’ by Matt Corby, also recorded for Like a Version, was #49. The Calvin Harris remix of ‘Spectrum (Say My Name)’ by Florence + The Machine was #32 and the Flume remix of Hermitude’s ‘HyperParadise’ made it all the way to #18. Seriously, give up on writing new songs now, we’ve obviously got enough to last.

Winner – St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

Bat For Lashes, Alt-J, Alpine, Chet Faker, Flume, Of Monsters & Men, MS MR, Snakadaktal and The Rubens all did very well and all of them are playing at the Laneway Festival next month. Expect to hear a lot of complaining about triple j fans showing up and lowering the tone in the Laneway audience this year.

Winner – Commercial radio

Loser – Japandroids

One Laneway act did unexpectedly poorly out of the Hottest 100 and that was Japandroids. In spite of their song ‘The House That Heaven Built’ making it to #56 in the Warmest 100 and also being totally amazing, they were a mysterious absence from the countdown.

Loser – Haim, Cat Power

On the subject of mysterious absences, LA’s Haim had two songs in the Warmest 100 (#89 ‘Forever’; #66 ‘Don’t Save Me’) neither of which made it in. And although Cat Power didn’t make it into the statisticians’ predictions that doesn’t stop the fact she didn't make the cut from being completely baffling. What is wrong with you people, didn’t you listen to ‘Cherokee’?

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Aidan1234567 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

Hottest 200 (101-200) >>> Hottest 100


damo65 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

i think, and have thought this since 2009's debacle, that hardly anyone who votes in the hottest 100 actually listens to jjj. they listen to brain-dead commercial-driven radio like nova or mmm or 2dayfm. so they vote for the "hits", not the album tracks. itunes generation. it's ruining music, because the reverse is also true. jjj will analyse this result (as i'm sure they have done every year), and play more bland, boring, "hit" music. and less "underground" artists will get airplay. and real music will die. i'm waiting for the first "x-factor" type artist in the hottest 100. when that happens, you'll know i'm right.


andy_chalmers_102 said on the 27th Jan, 2013

That is an original opinion, Damo. You should start a blog.


MorningAfterboy said on the 27th Jan, 2013


Well, when you put it that way...


SannyVeloo said on the 27th Jan, 2013

was very disappointed not to see emperors and kingswood in the list!

Mike Corbett

Mike Corbett said on the 28th Jan, 2013

i'd hardly call that thundamentals like a version 'unoriginal' they took a few elements of the og and then flipped it on it's head.


berlinchair101 said on the 29th Jan, 2013



MorningAfterboy said on the 29th Jan, 2013





p1owz0r said on the 29th Jan, 2013

'Obviously' the nationalism is starting to slip because there were 2 fewer songs in total by Australian artists than the previous year.


Oflick said on the 29th Jan, 2013

People weren't eating enough lamb, obviously.


lineofbestfit said on the 29th Jan, 2013

when your name is 'damo' and you have a nofx avatar you lost all credit at all and you seem to well aquinted with nova and 2 day fm.


gumbuoy said on the 29th Jan, 2013



Freelanceasshole said on the 29th Jan, 2013

seriously. what was with the lack of japandroids. that was the biggest suprise

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 29th Jan, 2013



joptemarfee said on the 30th Jan, 2013

agreed that no japandroids was unfortunate other disappointments were violent soho not getting any songs in, miike snow & django django only getting one song each in. though i have a feeling all will feature in 101-200.


Braveheart81 said on the 30th Jan, 2013

No. I would say that the vast majority of people who vote in the Hottest 100 listen to Triple J to some degree.

The songs that feature heavily are also the songs that get flogged on Triple J and are routinely the most requested on Good Nights (and previously Super Request). It definitely takes a bit of crossover popularity for songs to reach the top few songs on the countdown but it is absolutely true that the Hottest 100 is a reflection of what was popular on Triple J.

Hits will always beat album tracks in any sort of popular voted competition because they are more widely known and more popular.


MorningAfterboy said on the 30th Jan, 2013

Just want to point out another one of Gramps' ridiculous points.

What, like an artist that's been on a reality show?





lineofbestfit said on the 30th Jan, 2013

i like how people (not mab) make posts about them being australian idols, when t hey left very early on and if they wanted to release some drivel they would have done something like shannon noll/damien leith did but instead brooke, lisa and matt decided to do their own thang.


MorningAfterboy said on the 30th Jan, 2013

I really like all three of them. If Matt drops an LP this year, it's game over.


Braveheart81 said on the 30th Jan, 2013

They were on Australian Idol. If they'd won the competition they would have released the same sort of commercial pop/rock that every other winner has released under Sony BMG.

I really couldn't care less and don't hold it against any of them.

Saying that they decided to do their own thing rather than "release some drivel like shannon noll/damien leith" is reinventing history though.

They just didn't win the competition therefore they had to take their own path.


MorningAfterboy said on the 30th Jan, 2013

To be fair, Guy Sebastian did temporarily take his own path when he did the Motown record. He actually sounded great on it. Such a pity he returned to mediocre shit after it.


Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 31st Jan, 2013



nos235 said on the 31st Jan, 2013

Not a BP fan Stefanie?


Oflick said on the 31st Jan, 2013

Battle of the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdowns.


MorningAfterboy said on the 1st Feb, 2013

Dom Knight from the Chaser gets all "what's up with the kids" in this bullshit article.


Braveheart81 said on the 1st Feb, 2013

So you're saying he's one of the Hottest 100 Losers?


berlinchair101 said on the 1st Feb, 2013

I thought that article was more a look at himself realising/growing up coming to terms with not being a cutting edge young man and looking at who he is in the scheme of things - more than 'duh, the hottest hundred is crap cuz i don't get it'