Image for Festival analysis: Harvest 2012

Festival analysis: Harvest2012

We go behind the Harvest announcement to present a definitive guide to everything you need (and don’t really need) to know about this year's bill.

Cracking the Harvest “code" to reveal next year's bill

Iconic musicians turned gimmick masters:
2011: Flaming Lips
2012: Beck
2013: Jack White

Every movie trailer producer’s favourite band:
2011: Portishead
2012: Sigur Ros
2013: Arcade Fire

Board members at Americans for Middle Class Anthems Inc:
2011: Bright Eyes
2012: Ben Folds Five
2013: Vampire Weekend

Obligatory Brooklyn-based act:
2011: TV on the Radio
2012: Santigold
2013: Twin Shadow

Geographically named indie heroes:
2011: The National
2012: Beirut
2013: Of Montreal

We used to be friends:
2011: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
2012: The Dandy Warhols
2013: Tapes and Tapes

The band you tell your grandma you're going to see:
2011: Holy Fuck
2012: Fuck Buttons
2013: Psychedelic Horseshit

Old Souls: The retro soul group:
2011: Family Stone
2012: Dexys Midnight Runners
2013: Charles Bradley

The Soundwave refugee:
2011: This Town Needs Guns
2012: River City Extension
2013: Lucero

The electronic act with an abbreviated name change:
2011: PVT (formerly Pivot)
2012: Crazy P (formerly Crazy Penis)
2013: MGMT (formerly The Management)

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Patrick Holmes

Patrick Holmes said on the 13th Sep, 2012

what the fuck was all that?


Nosyt said on the 13th Sep, 2012

Still haven't received my tickets


davidswan said on the 13th Sep, 2012

Didn't believe there'd actually be a band that would call themselves Psychedelic Horseshit, so googled it, this is from their wiki:

And here I was thinking Smashing Pumpkins had that genre all wrapped up


berlinchair101 said on the 13th Sep, 2012

Dear Psychedelic Horseshit...


Oflick said on the 13th Sep, 2012

I'm a huge supporter of absurd logic. I think that's why I like this article so much.


59sound said on the 14th Sep, 2012

i was never friends with this column post.


Leontine said on the 15th Nov, 2012

tom clearly missed out on his corn flakes this morning. harvest is a brilliant festival and i am yet to find a h-festival 'goer' that isn't beaming for months after the event has passed. my only criticism is that harvest is only a one day event!


berlinchair101 said on the 15th Nov, 2012

You clearly can't read and have a limited ability to comprehend levels of snark in the written word. If a strange man offers you a ride I suggest you take it.