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Musical crimes with the kidsfrom Young Talent Time

It’s a little harsh to be making fun of the little scamps from Young Talent time, after all they have many long and painful years of high school ahead of them. But if those kiddies don't regret appearing on the show now they will soon enough.

1.13 million trainwreck fans tuned in to watch the first episode of this year’s re-boot of the series, hosted by one-time Paris Hilton conquest Rob Mills, but with the ratings plunging the show has already been dumped from its Sunday night prime-time slot.

A full cancellation can’t be too far off, which will pave the way for several of the cast members to reinvent themselves to win a top five placing on a Hottest 100 countdown, win the Australian Music Prize in 2020 or form a pop punk band that tours Iraq.

The kiddies seem to be in their element with the safe terrain provided by chart toppers of dubious talent like Jessie J, One Direction and LMAFO, but the horrors that can occur when they cover songs that you might actually have on your iPod are something else all together. Somehow Foo Fighters and Muse have managed to avoid the indignity of a Young Talent Time appearance, but White Stripes, Gotye and Silverchair haven’t been so lucky. Even older favourites from Queen, Guns N' Roses and Blondie have suffered in a series of tuneless violations that should have drawn attention from the UN.

Among the many ‘highlights’ provided by the first (and hopefully only) revival season include a the staggering air guitar work on a version of the Gunners Sweet Child of Mine, a cover of Seven Nation Army with the lyrics changes to be more suitable for a the audience (remember kids – cigarette’s are bad!) and what appears to be the chorus line from a community theatre production of Oliver! tackling Wolfmother’s Joker and the Thief. That last one is a horror that simply can’t be unseen.

Wolfmother Joker and the Thief

Silverchair Straight Lines

Guns N' Roses Sweet Child of Mine

Gotye I Feel Better

White Stripes Seven Nation Army

Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over

Kings of Leon Use Somebody

Continue on (if you dare) to witness the kids murdering Jay-Z, Blondie and Joe Satriani, and even preforming interpretative dances to Cinematic Orchestra.

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berlinchair101 said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

That poor kid. What kind of cruel parents name their child Fox DeRoche-Jarret.

He could probably use a smoke.


Kady said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

to be fair, they didn't ruin jay-z.. they ruined alicia keys - empire state of mind part 2. i was looking forward to seeing some ytt rap.. sadly not today.


Koalaslament said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

"one-time paris hilton conquest rob mills" ha ha!

well i guess it goes to show that these days, a failed musical career and throwing a length to paris is all you need to be considered a suitable host for tween programming. well played channel 10...well played. i assume that the ytt timeslot will be replaced with more tasteful viewing...such as the shire?


grattan said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

Never forget:


Bandolier said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

ahhh, my freakin' ears!


craig123 said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

man that was something .


RobotsCanCry said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

*in 20 years* when i was a wee whippersnapper i was on a tv show, i could have been something son...i could have...i even did a brilliant cover of joker and the thief, they loved me son.

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

Never forget:



yavimaya said on the 24th Mar, 2012

oh lordy!
thats just fucking horrendous!


jedielf said on the 24th Mar, 2012

go that 11yo who did seven nation army. wish i could play like that when i was eleven. they're kids, you wouldn't really expect some kind of masterpiece.


snapcrackleROCK said on the 26th Mar, 2012

My favourite is the one who looks like the Paddlepop Lion.


tyler07 said on the 26th Mar, 2012

I saw an ad for this shit the other day and one of the kids was wearing a Parkway Drive t-shirt.

Kill me now.

Stefan Beck

Stefan Beck said on the 26th Mar, 2012

I saw the guy from Parkway Drive wearing a Young Talent Time shirt.

Cross-promotion is the key to success!


EmilyL88 said on the 27th Mar, 2012

musically they are all way beyond their years.


grattan said on the 16th Apr, 2012

Scheech it's not just the kids: