Death Cab For Cutie

Ben said in an interview this year that he believes Arcade Fire will be looked back on in 25 years as being incredibly important for our time, and compared them to U2, how do you think Death Cab will be looked back upon in 25 years? And could you draw a comparison to yourselves and another band?
[stumped] huh…That’s an interesting question, I don’t know the answer to that [laughs at being stumped] I don’t really know… I guess the best we could hope for is to ju..just… [Laughs] I don’t even know how to answer! I’m finding myself completely tongue-tied. I have never ever thought about what we’re doing in that kind of capacity, I guess I always just wanted to make the best records we know how to make. We’re always sort of looking ahead but never looking ahead with the idea that someday we’d be looking back… if that makes any sense.

One thing I admire about Death Cab are your live setlists. It’s really great to see that you haven’t subtracted songs to make way for new ones, you have just made your sets longer. What do you think goes into compiling a great setlist?
Well I mean the setlists they have gotten kind of longish, and I think that the key to making that work is breaking the set up into acts. The sets we’ve been playing are about two hours with the encore, so sort of breaking it up into four acts and pairing. It just seems that there are pairings of songs from the catalogue that are able to string together a narrative that obviously doesn’t happen inside of a 10 or 11 song record. I feel like there are relationships that you can draw from the first record all the way to Codes and Keys. I think that just building a mood and having a set that honours the similarities between the songs when they happen seems to be a good way to go, and it’s been serving us really well on this tour.

So you’re coming to Australia in February, you guys have been here quite a bit; do you have many fond memories of touring here? Are there things you’re looking forward to doing here in your downtime?
Um let’s see, I don’t know… I’ve always loved Melbourne. We start the tour in Perth and I’m coming straight to Perth from Singapore, which is the last stop during my own sort of around the world Chautauqua. I’m going to Norway, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey and spending two weeks in India before I go to Singapore and then down to Perth, so I will probably just be… sick I imagine [laughs], probably just trying to recover before we play shows.

We have a lot of friends, especially up the east coast, I’m just excited to see people. I’m just really looking forward to this trip. I’m not going to have a chance on this trip to get back to the Binna Burra Mountain Lodge in the Lamington National Forrest, which makes me very sad. People always think I’m like a six year old or a granddad when I say I want to go back to Binna Burra, but I really do, I love it, but yeah we don’t have time on this trip.

Death Cab For Cutie tour:
Friday 17th February – Cultural Centre, Perth
Saturday 18th February – Cultural Centre, Perth
Monday 20th February – HQ, Adelaide
Tuesday 21st February – Palace, Melbourne
Wednesday 22nd February – Palace Theatre, Melbourne
Friday 24th February – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 25th February – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Monday 27th February – Tivoli, Brisbane

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