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At the tail-end of their European tour, folk-pop sextet Fleet Foxes find themselves in Paris. Keyboardist Casey Wescott takes a moment or two for a chat with FL, dropping a little ‘Fresh Prince’ down the line to get things underway. “I’m just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool,” he declares, before reflecting more seriously upon the city’s current climate. “They’re having some difficulties with the euro. [David] Cameron backed out of a treaty… so there’s still some uncertainty around that. But other than that, things seem pretty normal on the ground!”

Fleet Foxes’ critically-acclaimed Helplessness Blues – the follow-up to their equally lauded self-titled debut – has sent the Seattle outfit round the world once again. As Wescott explains, the opportunity to tour the album has proven enormously rewarding: “One of the things that I found most interesting was playing [the record] for people that have never seen us before, period. We just played Poland and Croatia recently and cities that we’ve never been to. It’s a really strange thing playing countries where bands don’t usually play. There’s something about supply that affects people’s perceived value of anything – it could be art or performance – and in some of those countries, the supply of bands playing is so low that the enthusiasm is so different from anywhere else.”

“As far as playing this record, it’s been interesting: we basically conceived it and finished it in a vacuum and nobody heard it,” Wescott reveals. “It’s been a real joy and I think that the songs have actually evolved since we finished recording them as a result of playing them, because you get to know the songs so much more when you’re playing them every night and you start to react to them and change things up differently. I think they’ve gotten a little bit more dynamic and potentially more progressive depending on perspective and stuff. But it’s been really great to play it for people.”

Fleet Foxes return to Australia this month to play Falls Festival and a string of sold-out sideshows, their tour arguably one of the most anticipated of the summer. The precise scale of the fervour, however, has eluded Wescott thus far: “I have absolutely no awareness of the support that exists or doesn’t exist in Australia. You could absolutely be telling me sweet nothings right now and I’d believe it, because I don’t have any way of knowing, actually! I kind of stay wilfully ignorant on that aspect of it, I wasn’t even aware that our record was for sale there! That’s truly how, like, out-to-lunch I actually am as an individual and as a human being.”

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sarcasm_mister said on the 2nd Jan, 2012

any news on the support and set times for their Opera House shows?


bobshled said on the 2nd Jan, 2012

Phoned the box office and they said there was no support and they finish at 9:30, which seems strange. Guess this means we gotta get there at 8... Find it strange it would be so early and no support though.


sandrasmith said on the 2nd Jan, 2012

that sounds fishy indeed. if they finish @ 9:30 then it sounds like a pretty normal set to me, (normal as in there should be a support act). doesn't sound like they're keeping it a surprise. if there was a support act then the box office would have said a 'surprise act'. the internet doesn't have any info either.

i do remember seeing the kings of leon in new zealand a few years back and there wasn't a support act. for them. the concert ended up being a flop and a part of it could be because there was no support act to warm up the ears. doubt this will be the case with the fleet foxes though.


shazie said on the 2nd Jan, 2012

Last night was full of so much awesome. Best way to finish up my birthday.

The Great Monkey War

The Great Monkey War said on the 3rd Jan, 2012

Yep they were great. The banter was fantastic; with Robin Pecknold, the drummer and the keyboardist all sort of riffing (there was mention of The Matrix, Obama, Aladdin and the Prince of Burma; a crowd whistle-a-long to that one song from Kill Bill, and the beginnings of a contentious discussion of the merits of Robin Williams).

Oh and the drummer has a great voice. And I couldn't imagine having seen them anywhere else but the Opera House.

Also, feel free to correct any incorrect usage of the semicolon in this post.


sarcasm_mister said on the 3rd Jan, 2012

really don't have much to add to what has already been said. i just got back from SOH night 2 and it was every thing i hoped for and more!


sarcasm_mister said on the 18th Mar, 2012

Fleet Foxes @ Falls Festival


Plains / Bitter Dancer
English House
Battery Kinzie
Sim Sala Bim
Your Protector
White Winter Hymnal
Blue Ridge Mountains
Helplessness Blues

Link: - 40mb