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British India are all about their live show experience. Reviews of the Melbourne boys' sets across the globe have been overwhelmingly positive. Their stage energy and overpowering setlist of great singles have made them one of the hottest Rock bands on the live circuit – and not just in Australia. British India are set to headline the Red Bull Backyard Jam in Alice Springs this Saturday 7th May and lead vocalist Declan Melia tells FasterLouder about life on the road, how to dominate a live audience, and the effect beer has on songwriting.

You’re currently in LA doing some gigs for a showcase called ‘Museexpo 2011’. How’s it going over there?
Good, we haven’t done Museexpo yet but the other gigs have been good. It’s been fun; it’s a good feel here.

How have international crowds reacted to your live shows so far?
One thing about our audience is I think everyone’s into heavy metal in America, which I didn’t really know and I didn’t expect. I thought American audiences would be into more poppy stuff like Nickelback! It’s been going over alright I think, because most people kinda know who we are from the Internet and collage radio stations.

This latest tour around Australia started when the band released March Into the Ocean...
We were going to do the tour before we did the single, but then the single came along and we decided to record it, put it on the radio and put it out as a free download so it was kind of a happy accident and it worked out well.

So far in 2011 you’ve toured Australia, New Zealand and America, but you’ve also got shows in Europe and Japan later on in the year. Aren’t you guys exhausted?
I think anyone would be, but we’re used to this. Maybe it was the way we were brought up because … we’re all a bit hyperactive. We’re not the kind of guys who can sleep in until three o’ clock and do nothing, so when we have time off we’re like, “let’s get back and do something!” and that’s why we’re always recording or touring. We might be exhausted but it’s a good feeling knowing we’ve done everything we can. We also know that rock and roll is a young man’s game and we can’t do it forever so let’s make the most of it while we still have the vibe for it. It’s pretty hard to make it these days and make a life-long career out of it so we gotta’ push this while we can.

Do you guys have a lot of fun overseas, or is it mostly work?
Oh man no it’s much more fun than work, we’ve be hanging around seeing bands, going to clubs, and soaking up the vibe. LA is a cool city. We’re staying in West Hollywood so we’re right in the action so we’ve been going out and partying every night. We’re going to rehearsal in an hour and that’ll be the first bit of work we’ve done since we’ve been here for the last five days!

Do you ever get on each other’s nerves?
Nah not really, we did at the start because it was all a bit sudden, I mean we were all really good friends. We all lived in Sydney together when we were recording Thieves, and that was a bit of a shock but once you learn each others roles and the oddities and intricacies of their personalities, and once we accept it would be pretty childish not to get along. We make a pretty good gang, we still hang out even when we’re not on the road.

The big show that’s coming up in Australia is the Red Bull Bedroom Jam this weekend at Alice Springs. Can you tell me a bit about it?
We’re gonna head over and play in some kids bedrooms! Our first ever shows were at eighteenth birthday parties and house parties where we lived so it’s gonna be a real trip, a real time warp to be back in that situation. We’re really planning to really rock it and give em a bit more of a punk show than what we’ve been doing in America and bring the party maybe some indie rock covers and some punk. We’re gonna treat it like we used to treat it when we were kids, we’re really excited that’s out of the ordinary for us. We’ve never been to Alice Springs before either, so we’re really excited to do something out of the ordinary for us.

It seems like not so long ago you guys were the little band at events like this, and now you’re headlining!
Yeah sure, we’re never gonna turn our back on playing smaller clubs. Powderfinger and Silverchair they can play these big stadiums, but how do they go when they’re playing somewhere smaller – although they’re doing a different thing than us. The ability to play to a hundred people and still create a vibe, I mean it’s a cliché but it has meaning … but if we can’t do it anymore than we couldn’t go on.

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Reino26 said on the 6th May, 2011

i dont know why they thought powderfinger and silverchair cant play in smaller venues.... its called demand you deadshit