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It has been over a decade since Californian oddballs Primus last visited our shores, but the wait is almost over, with the trio joining the rather eclectic metal/punk/rock line up of this year's Soundwave Festival.

Although the band has been distracted by gigs and festivals, they're currently in the studio finalising their follow up to 1999's Antipop, which is sure to push the boundaries of their irreverent, often comical and unconventional approach to music. FasterLouder caught up with the very laid-back and friendly guitarist, Larry 'Ler' LeLonde, for a chat about all things Primus.

Australia is very excited about having Primus back on our shores, seeing as though it’s been ten years since the last time you toured out here. Why has it taken so long? Have you even just visited since the last tour?
It’s been way too long and it’s not my fault because I’m always excited to go to Australia because it’s one of my favourite places to go. But no, I haven’t been since the last tour. I wish.

Perhaps you can take a few tips from Oprah’s visit. Did you see her show?
Oh yeah I saw a little bit of that, that was pretty funny. Maybe we can try to rename the Opera House the Primus House.

Well it was actually mentioned that she went a little bit overboard in her promotions of Australia and that most people that watched the show and then visited here would be disappointed that they weren’t able to necessarily afford all the luxuries and excitement that she could.
Right! They’re going to have to take people to the moon next time.

Have you ever been to a place where you’ve had these high expectations of what it’s going to be like and then had those expectations completely crushed by your actual experiences of the place?
Not so much because I’m kinda crazy so every time I’m going somewhere I research everything and try to find out all the fun stuff to do. In Japan you never really know what you’re going to get because it’s so crazy and a little difficult if you don’t speak the language. It turns out like that sometimes where you don’t really know what’s going on.

So we kind of know what Les Claypool’s been up to over the last few years – making records and wine – what have you been up to? Do you still flip some tricks on your skateboard?
No, skateboarding and playing guitar doesn’t always go together so well, so I’ve just been hanging around, playing guitar and writing songs. I live in LA so I hang out at the beach here a lot. Pretty boring. I just wait around for Primus to do stuff and then go and do that.

So, is Les’ wine actually any good?
Oh it’s awesome! It’s great. It’s called Purple Pachyderm and it’s really good. If you can get a hold of it, I would recommend it.

You’ll have to bring some over for Australia for us to judge. We have some pretty good wine here ourselves.
I’m not sure it will make it all the way over here on the plane. I do have a wine opener!

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BennyBoop said on the 21st Feb, 2011

larry you're a bastard!!

Eric the Black

Eric the Black said on the 22nd Feb, 2011

I hope they get good attention down here because we need them to come back for an album tour.


nici6 said on the 25th Feb, 2011

love this image! best band photo :d


nici6 said on the 25th Feb, 2011

love this image! best band photo :d