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To a true metalhead, Dave Mustaine needs no introduction, as one of only a small group of metal musicians that can be justifiably called legends. In the 27 years that span his career to date, the Megadeth frontman has experienced highs and lows (both the natural and the substance-induced kind) and fought bitter rivalries with his peers whilst recording some of the best thrash albums of all time. The Mustaine that we see today is a changed man – with sobriety, religion and family to guide him, he’s making friends of his former enemies. Yet, as latest album Endgame proves, he still has a thrashing, shredding demon somewhere within.

The last year or so has been hectic in the world of Megadeth: critical acclaim for Endgame; the so-called “Big Four” events and subsequent DVD, where thrash metal titans Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica shared a stage for the first time and caused a whole generation of heads to explode; the release of his autobiography, Mustaine: A Life In Metal; and the return of founding bass player David Ellefson, absent since an acrimonious split in 2002.

After melting our faces on an Australian tour with Slayer last year, Megadeth are coming back to Australia in December, headlining the No Sleep Til Festival. This time, they will be playing 1990’s classic album Rust In Peace in its entirety. We managed to squeeze a few minutes out of Dave’s crazy schedule to ask him a few questions.

There is no doubt that Rust In Peace is one of the classic thrash albums, but is it your favourite Megadeth album? Do you still enjoy playing it, night after night?
Yes actually, it’s a fun record for us to play. Sometimes you’re playing a record and it can be a little tiring, but we’ve been really excited about getting back down there [to Australia].

People can sometimes misinterpret what it’s like touring. You can really quickly lose sight of what it’s all about, but fortunately for us, we really love playing together and you can tell that when we’re together, you can just tell that something’s happening. I can’t really put my finger on it because we’ve had different line-ups before – but this is something that’s just happening with the band right now, and you’re gonna be able to see that when we come down.

I’m especially excited about some of the bands that are on the line-up too – I’m not familiar with all of the bands, but there are some bands that I’ve heard about, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’re like live.

It’s quite a diverse line-up – there are a lot of punk bands, for example, including punk legends NOFX. Megadeth covered the Sex Pistols anthem Anarchy In The UK quite early on – has punk music had much of an influence on you?
Yeah, actually Megadeth was very influenced by punk in the beginning. We did Anarchy In The UK, but also on our Hidden Treasures record there was the track Problems, which was initially my first choice. I didn’t want to have Anarchy on there, that was what our manager at the time said to have. I wanted to have a punk rock song on there, and Problems was more along the lines of what I wanted. So we compromised and in the studio we did half of each song, but when it came down to mix time it was just all Anarchy. I’m so much a punk fan that we had [Sex Pistols guitarist] Steve Jones come in the studio and play with us on the song. He rode in on his Triumph with a broken arm and he played on the song. It was the coolest thing in the world.

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sarahanne said on the 29th Nov, 2010

Such a great interview!


ashryn said on the 29th Nov, 2010

Good work goatlady :)


Shieldsy23 said on the 29th Nov, 2010

amazing interview!So keen for NST!

Melanie Lewis

Melanie Lewis said on the 29th Nov, 2010

Excellent interview. Nice one Goaty :o))


rodismdotcom said on the 29th Nov, 2010

top read. Mustaine has come a long way. Takes a lot of doing to pull your head out of ur arse and admit u fucked up.


mooney88 said on the 30th Nov, 2010

In the last couple of months i have bought Rust In Peace on vinyl, Rust In Peace Live DVD, Big 4 on BluRay and Mustaine's book. Didn't realise i was such a fan haha.


DougieAndJayney said on the 2nd Dec, 2010

i fucking love dave mustaine. thanks for the interview!

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer said on the 4th Dec, 2010

Great interview, looking forward to No Sleep Til!