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Jonathan Davis has been a great many things including lead singer and front man of Korn, guitar, drum and bagpipe player, social outcast, victim, actor, DJ, composer for the soundtracks of films such as Queen of the Damned and The Twilight Zone, asthmatic, mortician, depressant, drug addict and family man.

“I don’t really like people,” Davis bluntly admits, “Being a role model isn’t something I asked for… I don’t go and hang out with new people, it just doesn’t work, people always have some kind of agenda, so I pretty much keep to myself.” He lists his three sons, Nathan, Pirate and Zeppelin, and his ex-pornstar wife, Deven Davis, as his best friends. Davis credits his boys for saving his life, “If I could do drugs every once in a little while, I’d do the fuck out of them,” he laughs, admitting that in his unconventional work setting he craves them every single day. “But I know if I did, I would be dead and I want to be with my children. It’s a deterrent.”

As a father Davis also has core values that he wants to pass on. The first principle for Davis is respect: “Respect people, respect yourself, respect everything. If you treat everything in life with respect, it will be given back to you. That’s a big thing with me and my boys.” The other thing is to work hard: “No matter what they get, they are going to work for it in some kind of way.”

Quitting his addictions was the hardest thing Davis has even done. “I detoxed for ever a year, because I drank so much and did so many drugs,” he explains, “Drug detox is a couple of months and alcohol detox is a couple of months, but mentally, to get all the chemicals back together it took almost a year. It was fucked up.” Although drugs and alcohol fit the rock god template, Davis says he used them before he was a part of Korn to help him deal with his life and believes that in moderation they are fine. “I got going with this rock star life and I thought it was something I had to do to be a rock star. That’s what really started me and then it became a problem… I needed them to keep going. I needed to write good songs and once I got on them, I was ten times better. I used it as a crutch….”

“We were just this band having fun, before we got so big, playing shows for beer tabs, stuff like that,” says Davis fondly recalling the early days of the band. But things changed and Davis admits that he has been in the business so long that he’s watched others go through the same cycle – the rise, the explosion of fame and the pouring money: “It changes people and makes them different. But, if you stay in it long enough you become grounded again and stop that crazy shit.”

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