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Does It Offend You, Yeah? were formed by James Rushent and Dan Coop, with a clear focus on creating music with catchy pop sounds and being awesome. Their successful debut album You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into was released in 2008, and now Chloe Duveaux discusses the upcoming release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, and the band’s scheduled appearance that this year’s Stonefest, of course not without mentioning their rock n’roll lifestyle.

What have you guys been up to lately?
Just been doing some festivals, going back to do a tour of the USA which is exciting for us, and of course coming back to see Australia. We really love it there, but unfortunately I think we are only playing the one show, but if we can we will be pushing for a few more. You guys are fairly far away, and you’re so fun so I hate the thought of settling for one show, but sadly I can’t make promises. If not this time around, then another visit soon is definitely required. I really like Sydney, we have spent the most time there, but I really want to have some time just to walk about the streets, Melbourne especially, people keep telling us so much about that place so I’m feeling the pressure to have a look.

You guys are of course coming back to play at Stonefest, which has the theme ‘turn up the heat’ how do you plan on doing that with your live show?
Oh how exciting, that certainly indicates that it will be fun! We will probably wear some type of erotic clothing, and I suppose it will be hot on the stage when we play, because our songs are hot and also because we will get hot in terms of temperature from dancing. We actually used to sing a song before we went on stage, sort of like our own ‘pre-party’ ritual (not that we need to be psyched up any more than usual) but we stopped that because every time we did sing, it would start raining, sort of like a rain song, but these days we just shout things like Satan and put people off.

You are of course known for your crazy antics during shows, has anything ever gone horribly wrong?
Loads of times, far too many to count (you would think we’d have learnt something) We had a few disasters when we were touring as supports for The Prodigy, which by the way was the most amazing experience because they are our idols. It was an enormous arena show of course, and we had no sound, like we couldn’t hear anything at all, so we are there singing and playing our instruments and nothing was happening, so truly defeated the purpose of being there it was terrible! James has broken his leg a number of times, and we always leave stage with bruises and sore limbs, really injuries aren’t unusual for us, it is odd if we get through a show without something happening to us or during the show.

You released your debut in 2008, what sorts of mindset are you guys in about its release?
I am fairly certain the album will be out in January, or sometime early next year anyway. We are so pumped about it, and really after releasing our debut we have just had our mindset on the next release. It is like an addiction sort of, we are constantly making music and we want it to be the best it can be. We have been doing shows and some DJ work, and James has been into the production side of things also. We have had a lot happening but we can’t wait to get this album out there.

In what ways do you think it is different to your debut?
It is a real mixture of grunge and rock band styles. It is a combination of new and older influences, like we listened a lot to Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine and The Prodigy, but we really like bands like Hadouken, so I guess we collected our ideas from a lot of places and found that the real sentiment was this grungy dance vibe.

Do you think it is fair to be classified and grouped with dance bands? Is that how you see yourselves?
I think it is fair. I mean people dance to us and they play our songs in clubs. So if it turns people on in that respect then I guess they are right to classify us as they perceive our music. I never feel we are pigeon holed though, I find we are quite diverse, we often have a real variety of different sorts of people in the audiences, which is great from our perspective. It doesn’t scare me if people put us in a category as such, just as long as people like our songs. I will say though I think Pendulum are very dance, and we aren’t like Pendulum, yet we have been compared to Daft Punk, and they are dance music and I think we are like them.

Do you guys surround yourselves with people that inspire you?
I think subconsciously we all do in a way, I mean your correct in saying there is a definite ‘folk’ collective in the UK, but in the same respect they are just a group of friends with the same interests and being recognised for it. We are friends with bands like Hadouken, and Pendulum (who I hope we get to see more of) yet, we aren’t being branded as a ‘rave grunge dance group’. I don’t find it odd that people perceive artists as collectives, it’s a mechanism for your likes and dislikes, grouping things all the time, but essentially every genre so to speak has a circle of friends, and we all bounce ideas around when we can.

A lot of your songs have been used in TV shows and film segments, and your name is taken from a TV show. How would you feel about a reality program surrounding your lifestyle?
I think that could be extremely dangerous for us! We would probably get arrested or something, it would be the worst thing because we are too troublesome. I don’t think the viewers could handle it. In a lot of respects our daily lives are fairly boring, sound checks, playing shows and being hung over to the point I think I am still drunk. The best cure for that is codeine tablets and berocca.

Finally, to sum up your highly anticipated album, what do you say?
I say it is angry dance music – will put you into a panic I can assure you.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? will get you into a panic at Stonefest on Saturday 30th October

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polite_society said on the 25th Oct, 2010

i like dioyy, but that was a little embarrassing.


sdaa said on the 25th Oct, 2010

he came off really, really badly. last tour round they didn't play before prodigy and they got pulled after one song at future. can't believe they aren't coming back to melbourne to right that wrong.


Dylan29 said on the 25th Oct, 2010

The Adelaide show was decent last tour but from what I've heard it went pretty downhill after that.

(I mean their own tour, not The Prodigy/Futures tour)

Daft Punks Lip Sweat

Daft Punks Lip Sweat said on the 26th Oct, 2010

Saw them at Coaster last year and that was a top show but supporting The Prodigy this year they sucked :(