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When I last interviewed a Dandy Warhol Earth To The Dandy Warhols had just dropped and things were pretty good for drummer Brent DeBoer. His band had just finished working with some of their rock’n’roll heroes, he was all in love with a Melbourne girl, crazy-amped about the latest offering to have been borne from Portland-based, Dandy-owned creativity factory, The Odditorium, and on his way to catch up with Dandy’s writer/frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor and his wife, Lockett, at a barbecue.

Nearly two years to the day I’m back on the phone with another member of the band, this time guitarist Peter Holmström, and as can be expected with one from such a famed party band he’s in a great mood. The past two years have been happily filled – perhaps with a new breed of memories for this previously drug-fuelled quartet – Brent married his Australian sweetheart and set up a home with her in Melbourne, Courtney and his wife Lockett began a family, Zia McCabe (keys/percussion) no doubt had her hands full with her own child and Holmströmturned back to his own baby: a solo record that is historically shelved as Dandy commitments call.

But make no mistake: babies are not going to stand in the way of having a good time on tour and this year The Dandy Warhols have been invited along to Australia’s Parklife, a festival celebrating electronic/indie music. Being the Down Under lovers that these four musicians have proven themselves to be, they even decided to branch out and stage their one and only side show in oft-forgotten Tasmania.

Poor little Tassie. It’s not often that bands tour Tasmania and certainly not massive icons of the rock world like The Dandy Warhols. It’s a lovely gesture of kindness that they have decided to do a show at Wrest Point Entertainment Centre in Hobart. The laid-back Holmström laughs: “I think it was pretty much a band decision. [With Parklife dates] we had, officially, five days of sitting around and we thought we might as well do one somewhere. It is [beautiful]. I’ve been there once before and have been dying to get back. They’ve got some really, really delicious oysters there.”

Is Parklife a different sort of festival than what you guys are usually booked for?
We’re pretty much always up for anything, so when the idea of doing this came through it was a no brainer. We were like, “Of course we’ll do it!” I still don’t know how it’s going to go over but a challenge is kinda nice. If everything is easy then it becomes boring. So hopefully we have to do something a little different, or work a little harder. It’ll be good for us.

Since Brent’s living in Melbourne now, it’ll be sort of nice for him to just be able to swing by the airport lounge to pick you up.
[laughs] Yeah, except he has to come here [Portland, USA] for rehearsals.

That backfired for him then!
Haaaa! Yeah, don’t think that was ever gonna work.

Given the last two Dandy Warhols releases are a revisioned Monkey House and a greatest hits compilation, The Capitol Years 1995 – 2007 , it appears that you four have been working on your own individual lives and projects to the point where there’s not much new Dandy’s material being written.
Well, I mean when it comes to new Dandy Warhols’ records it’s 90 percent Courtney, you know. It’s his songwriting. And he had a kid earlier this year so that’s he’s been doing.

That’d wipe anyone out.
Yeah, and before that he was really just focused on his wife and doing the baby thing so all of us decided to do things to fill time, essentially. I’m pretty sure Brent… well, I know he was working on his record for years, and mine went pretty much the same way so every time I’d get some time I’d work on it a Dandy’s record or tour would pop up and my record would get left ’til the next time.

So, how’s that been going now that you’ve been able to give it enough time?
My record is done. It’s coming out in September so I will have copies with me with I show up in Australia.

Will it actually be released in Australia?
I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ve got a label to put it out here but I don’t have a label in Europe, or Australia, or anyone else in the world yet. But I’m looking. So if you know anybody…

Catch The Dandy Warhols at Parklife or at the only sideshow of the tour in Hobart


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