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Florence Welch is a woman of delight and mystery, a songstress whose presence is strong and whose charm is delicate. Her debut album Lungs received high praise and glorification for its luscious chords and tender vocals, with songs such as Dog Days Are Over and Rabbit Heart earning high rotation spots on airwaves all over the globe.

Florence and the Machine will be returning to Australia for Splendour in the Grass Festival, as well as the sideshows that follow, and Welch is eager to test out some new material.

She has already began writing and recording parts of her second album, working with producer Paul Epworth, although she is remaining tight lipped about its content. “I can’t say for sure when it will be out because I am enjoying taking my time with it. It feels like a real release creating this second album. It’s like moving onto the next phase and it can be whatever you want it to be. I can choose the destination, and it may be different to Lungs, but in many ways it may be similar, I haven’t really decided yet.”

One thing she has almost decided is that one of the tracks on the new album will be Spectrum, “I am fairly certain it will be included in the album, but in this phase I am in now, ideas are just circulating they always evolve and change. When I was writing that song I had visuals of rainbows in mind. It’s got a real crystallised theme I think, about light hitting shapes and objects.”

She hopes to have a few new songs under her belt to showcase to audiences in Australia, “I hopefully will have a few thoughts cemented by then, so hopefully they turn into fantastic songs that are near completion, so we can test the water and see how things are feeling. I really hope the next album is received well and mostly that people love it, so I’m going to work really hard.”

Though work on the new album is underway, Welch is about to release Cosmic Love, the sixth single taken from her stellar debut record. Welch says she was determined to let that song have the glory it deserved, “It is magic! Pure magic in a song… It is a little bundle of happiness. I have always felt that song in particular was special. It was just one of those that appeared. I didn’t write anything down, I had the words in my head and they just started pouring out of my mouth and it turned into music during recording some demos. It was incredible.”

Written alongside Isabella Summers (keyboardist of ‘the Machine’) in a little studio, Welch describes it as magical, “It isn’t something that happens often, so it felt right to release it as a single, and have a tour named in its honour.” Welch says the video clip which accompanies this track is somewhat dazzling, “Lots of sparkles and flowers, which is just what I like.”

Inspired by the likes of PJ Harvey, animal documentaries and poetry, Welch is a woman of many dimensions, “I find inspiration everywhere, and sometimes I don’t even know it is happening. I find that is the best kind, being able to look back at something and realising how someone or something affected me more than I noticed at the time.”

After her mash up of You’ve Got the Love with Dizzee Rascal’s Dirtee Cash at the 2010 Brit Awards, Welch admits to finding an unlikely muse in the realm of hip hop music, “After being in America I have found I am into hip hop and the blues more than I thought. I am really digging the Rhianna and Alicia Keys albums at the moment. I found myself making numerous trips to inane Hip Hop stores around the US. I think I have become quite obsessed with it, but not to the point of blurting out rap tunes of my own, but I am all for surprises.”

When asked if she would consider collaborating with artists in the future, Welch responded, “These things just come about, and it’s nice when they do. The most recent surprise was having Nathan Clark from Cold War Kids join me onstage at Coachella. I was astounded and so honoured.”

Florence and the Machine were in Australia earlier this year as part of the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Performing with acts such as The XX, Welch describes the trip as memorable, “Last time I was in Australia the tour was unreal. It’s not often you get presented with such a unique festival opportunity and I just loved travelling with other artists and seeing all the beautiful places.”

“I particularly loved Newtown and Melbourne, so looking forward to exploring those places a little more. I didn’t get enough time to shop around last visit. A lot of people mentioned that Australia has little nooks of vintage and antique type stores, so hopefully there is time for me to explore a little, a bit like an animal.”

Welch is excited about returning to Australia, especially about being part of such a tremendous line up for Splendour in the Grass, “Its crazy isn’t it! It will be great to be a part of. I feel very lucky to have been asked back. A lot of other artists in the UK are particularly jealous because we all enjoy coming to Australia.”

When asked who she is looking forward to checking out at the festival, Welch makes it obvious she has a penchant for dance music, “I love a bit of a dance; I think I show that in my own shows with my movements. I am really looking forward to seeing Foals and Yeasayer.”

FasterLouder presents Florence and The Machine Splendour sideshows:
Monday 2 August – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tuesday 3 August – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Thursday 5 August – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Friday 6 August – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Saturday 7 August – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Sunday 8 August – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Tuesday 10 August – Challenge Stadium, Perth

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TIm D said on the 1st Jul, 2010

i'm holding off my florence critique until i get to check her out at splendour.


izzy_tolhurst said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

oh god im so in love...what a woman!

not a bad remix of cosmic love either...


Alexphotosite said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

What do you call a black man who does Florence from behind?

Flo Rida!


mintos said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

redheads seem to be the big winners this year.


kath_white said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

I've seen her perform twice, at laneway and at her sideshow back in January and I tell you without a doubt she is amazing live. Such energy and confidence for a 24yo. She won't disappoint.


grattan said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

Yep! Especially on the new Grinderman cover art:


Alexphotosite said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

That looks like something outta True Blood!

just love music

just love music said on the 2nd Jul, 2010

wish she had a side show in brisbane


hannahamelia said on the 4th Jul, 2010

after watching this hot red-head hunny at glastonbury, im not all that fond to see her live, however she is playing with the drums plus she always has amazing halloween outfit i do indeed want to see this red head set fire to the stage.


hannahamelia said on the 4th Jul, 2010

i just realised my comment made no sense. well done hannahamelia


Alexphotosite said on the 5th Jul, 2010

A bit of Mondayitis I see...


BTIazza said on the 5th Jul, 2010

Ask her if she likes Russell Brand Alex, you might be in with a chance.


Alexphotosite said on the 5th Jul, 2010

I'd really rather not, thanks all the same.


BTIazza said on the 5th Jul, 2010

No worries brah. I'll let you work your genius ;)


Braveheart81 said on the 5th Jul, 2010

No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked sayin' something like that, man.


tinkywinky_777 said on the 5th Jul, 2010

i looooove 'you've got the love' best song ever!!


mrbarb said on the 20th Jul, 2010

for those that missed out on tickets, ernest ellis (the support act for the sideshows) is giving away a double pass on his facebook page:


lanesra23 said on the 20th Jul, 2010

She was alright at Glasto, better than at Laneway in my opinion. Her voice was a little less dynamic a week later at Werchter but the big finishes to her songs seemed to translate better in a super-top setting.

I'm not going to watch her whole set for the 4th time this year at Splendour but I'll definitely be there for Howl at the beginning. Depending on what set she plays I will stick around till the 3rd or 5th song then bail to Band of Horses.


gemmareed said on the 20th Jul, 2010

florence just performed with her brother and sister at latitude. unlikely that they'll be coming down under with her though.


lanesra23 said on the 20th Jul, 2010

She was a bit of a stage whore at Glasto. Performed with Dizzee and The xx along with her own set.


sarcasm_mister said on the 28th Jun, 2011

NPR have uploaded a full concert to stream off their website.

probably only available to stream for a few more hours. so catch it while you can