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The music industry is a fickle place. In a time when music is so readily available, easy to produce and enforce upon masses it’s not uncommon to see bands come and go in the blink of an eye. Story of The Year, on the other hand, have cemented their position in this volatile environment over the past ten years with their energetic live performances, constant release and touring schedule which has secured an army of loyal fans.

Dan Marsala, who takes care of vocal duties for the powerhouse that is Story of The Year, discussed the reception to their fourth-full length, The Constant. “It’s going over great live, with the new songs. It seems to be catching on pretty well. It’s hard to tell nowadays because most people don’t actually buy CDs anymore. It’s hard to tell who has illegally downloaded it and who hasn’t or who doesn’t. Judging on the live shows, people are definitely enjoying it.”

With enough time under their belts to warrant long-service leave, the band took a different approach to the writing and recording process for their fourth album. Marsala described the method behind the recording process, “It was the fastest we’ve ever recorded a record and we kind of purposely did that. I don’t want to say we didn’t work hard on it because we definitely did but we didn’t want to over think it. We said, ‘let’s just go in for 2 months, and write as many songs as we can and then just go into the studio and record it’. Not worry about it, be spontaneous. Do whatever comes to our head. So we got together for 2 months, wrote 15 songs and headed directly into the studio after that and recorded 13 of them.”

“We got back to basics because on our last record, I think we had too much time writing and we over thought everything. It turned out great but whenever you over think it, it takes away from the sentimental value and some of the specialness too it. We just wanted to be spontaneous and write some fun songs and just enjoy it.”

With the band going for an accelerated recording process, it wouldn’t be surprising if the band had second thoughts on the final product. Marsala revealed how this is not the case, “A record is never really finished, you just stop recording. You can always go back and fix things or keep messing with it. Every record, no matter what, there are things that you look back on and you’re like ‘ah, maybe I should have done that differently’’ For the most part, we’re happy with it. I think it’s a great balance of all of our stronger values and it’s got the heavier stuff, the softer stuff and everything in between.”

They spent their time in the studio with Elvis Baskett who also worked on their previous album, The Black Swan. “We recorded in Virginia on the beach. His studio is in Virginia; his backyard is actually the ocean. It’s an amazing studio; you live there while you record so basically for a month we lived on the beach and recorded. It was an amazing setting for being creative and making some kind of art. We will definitely be going back there again, for sure.” Marsala said.

There was a rumour flying around the internet that the band had named their album after an episode of the television series, LOST. Marsala explained how this is only half right. “There are a few different sides to it. We were struggling with titles; we were going with a couple of the song titles and trying to figure out if any of those were good. One day we were all sitting around throwing titles out and somebody said _The Constant_’. We were like ‘WOW!’ That makes sense on a couple of different levels’.

“This is our fourth record, we’ve been doing this a long time now. Music is everything in our lives, it’s a constant day-to-day thing for us. All sides of music. It represents our 8 or 10 years doing this as a band, touring and be successful at it. At the same time, it is also a reference to the TV show LOST because they have an episode called The Constant and as a band, collectively, it’s pretty much our favourite TV show,” Marsala mused.

While the band has a love of LOST in common, there aren’t always times when the gents see eye-to-eye. “We definitely know how each other work. We’ve known each other for so long that we know exactly is going to work and what is not going to work with each other. There are always disagreements when the more strongly you feel about certain things. Whenever somebody disagrees, we really disagree now. We’re a little less picky than we used to be. I think that music is more about the memory and the feeling it gives you more than anything. There haven’t been too many disagreements or problems in the last few years.”

Story of The Year hit Australian shores bringing with them, their energy pack live performances which have won them a legion of fans around the world. Dan described what one can expect from these shows. “We put everything into the show that we can and obviously feed off the energy of the crowd. If the crowd is awesome then that is going to make us that more into it. Either way, we’ll be running around, jumping off everything and we’ll have a great time no matter what. I think our fans have learnt to appreciate that over the years and they expect a certain amount of awesomeness so it should be a good time.”

Story of The Year tour:

Friday 11th June – Billboard, Melbourne
Saturday 12th June – UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney
Sunday 13th June – The Hi-Fi, Brisbane
Tuesday 15th June – HQ, Adelaide
Thursday 17 June – Capitol, Perth

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