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Perth trio Tracksuit have a lot of things going their way at the moment. They have supported the likes of Kram and Yves Klein Blue, are about to get stuck into recording their second EP and late last year their song Tough Love was getting some well-deserved spins on RTR FM and good ol’ Triple J.

But the best trick up their sleeve is the fact that they are doing something a little bit different in (sometimes sleepy) Perth. Says guitarist and vocalist Steve Hensby of his bands live style “Just…good…times!” And it’s hard not to enjoy a set of high-energy, 50s and 60s infused rocking and rolling. “It’s a lot of dancing, lot of shaking, lot of shimmying. A lot of energy and sing-along songs.”

It is exactly that instantly enjoyable quality which propelled Tough Love to national airplay. Not that it was expected, “I was just thrilled that we managed to get it playing on Triple J! RTR are really good, and they’re really good to us – bless ‘em – but trying to get to the next level of getting on national radio…I was blown away!” It’s another “Unearthed” success story, with user reviews of Nothing Left to Lose doting on the “strong rhythm and explosive chorus” as well a bass line that is “froth worthy.” Props for bassist Andres for that latter!

It certainly provides a good platform for the upcoming EP, which is just weeks away from being recorded. “We wanted to do five songs…and the last song on the EP is going to be a brand newie, that we’ve just polished” The majority will be taken from the solid set that Tracksuit have been playing around Perth – tried and true material, tested and approved by the masses. As for the new song, Sing for Your Soul, “it’s kind of a swingin’ type of thing. With the drums of an old ragtime swing, little bit bluesey… It was a little bit hard to learn, actually, but we got there in the end.”

Perhaps some new tracks will get trotted out for Tracksuit’s upcoming gig at the Rocket Room – a venue they love to play. “We love playing the Rocket Room, because the staff are fantastic. Chris, on the sound, he’s unreal. And you get a lot of walk-in crowd…we promote and all the rest of it, but you get a few regulars in there as well.”

It may as well be rock’n’roll fact: the venue regulars can make a gig. Especially with bands like this, for whom it’s all about the atmosphere and crowd vibe, “Even if you’re in the most dodgy, crappy place; if there’s a vibe there, if there’s a crowd there, it’s fantastic! But the nights when, it could be a Wednesday night, down in Freo or some god-forsaken place. There might only be three people and a bar manager…but you never know!” While it does sound like these rockers have had a rough night or two down Fremantle way, “A gig’s a gig, and you never know who’s going to be there.” That’s the way with ‘the biz’, it’s all about the chance opportunity.

As far as opportunities go, Tracksuit are grabbing on with both hands. Hensby tells that the new EP is going to have a big push for radio airplay and, fingers crossed, a big fat Perth launch followed by a national tour. Watch this space!

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