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For 15 years now, thrash metal icons Lamb Of God have been tearing around the world – but the journey has not always been smooth. However, on new album Wrath, the five members have put their differences aside to deliver one of the most cohesive offerings of their career.

This month, Lamb Of God is heading a metal quadruple-bill around Australia (check out the photos from the first weekend), so FasterLouder got drummer Chris Adler on the phone to talk about what’s in store.

Wrath has been such a huge success for you guys. Do you think that this is because you have reached a point where your differences have been set aside?
Well, I think I can certainly answer that! [Laughs] Well, I think that we have always had a very healthy competition with each other in the past though sometimes not always healthy. I think it is very much what you said. I think we have matured as people and as songwriters. I think we respect each other and know that what we do together is far greater than what we could alone. I think it took a long time for us to get there and there was some animosity and things that were kind of push and pull with each other.

But we have now grown up and we have been a band for fifteen years and grown up to become adults together. In that life experience we’ve learned a lot of things are better than we used to do and one of which is making albums. We are all very proud of Wrath and continuing to enjoy touring on it.

Being that you are a band that is always touring and writing, do you discover new influences and inspirations as you move from place to place and hear the new bands in each area?
Yeah, even in this area. I definitely pay attention to stuff that is going on all over the world. I go to see some of my favourite bands, like a couple of months ago I went and saw one of my favourite bands called Protest The Hero and I was hanging out with those guys backstage, and I felt so old! You know, these are like kids and they are playing such great, inspiring music. I am really a big fan of heavy music and where it is evolving and just the crazy technical ability of a lot of these players.

It really inspires me to keep pushing myself and not just rest on the reputation of my playing or the band’s. I think we owe it to the legacy of the band and to our fans really to really keep pushing as hard as we can. If we were to get lazy and hope for the best that would really kill the project. For me, when we are done I want to be really proud of these records and everything that we have done. I don’t want to look at the last one as that was kind of the lazy one, or maybe we went for the money on that one. I would rather die poor and be proud!

Have your influences changed much over the years or have they stayed the same?
The things that influence me seem to be the things that as a player I am challenged by. Many of the more aggressive and fusion metal projects are my kind of thing. The band I just mentioned, Protest the Hero, and a band we just played with, Periphery from Washington DC – those kinds of bands are a little more kind of leftfield type of songwriting and upon initial listen I am impressed by the musicianship. Those things have always stayed the same, but I think that has always been heavy and hard rock and metal. That to me is what really gets me up in the morning – to make me drive fast and play the drums!

Is there a new album in the works?
There are definitely some ideas floating around. While we are on tour, Mark always has his guitar with him and he is definitely showing us some of the stuff he has come up with. The goal is to do another album for sure, we are touring right now and we are heading down there in a couple of weeks, but we actually have plans to tour to a lot of the world that we haven’t been to. Places like China, Russia, Poland and South Africa and South America as well.

We are actually on the road supporting Wrath until about November 2010. So the plan is to take off December of 2010 and begin writing in January and February in 2011. That is the plan for now and there are already ideas, so who knows what will happen!

So, the band is heading to Australia soon with Devildriver and Shadows Fall, and the fans can’t wait. How are you feeling about the tour?
I think we just added High On Fire to the bill and we really can’t wait. I know you probably think I am full of shit, but the band all love Australia. I have made good friends in Melbourne and I have been talking to my wife about moving there some day, so right now, that is the most beautiful place on earth for me.

So who do you think will be partying the hardest when you are here?
Wow! Well it seems like it is always a challenge between us and DevilDriver! But last time we hung out with Shadows Fall, I was definitely trying to get out of the line of fire long before they were ready! Those guys were drinking fools!

Where are you most looking forward to go to when you get here?
My favourite place is Melbourne. We have a day off there, so I am really excited to hang out with some friends and see them again. But it is the places where we played where we got a response that we didn’t expect. Sydney we expected a huge response and Melbourne was a bit of a surprise. But Brisbane and Perth were both really huge turnouts and the last time we came we hadn’t been before then, and we were headlining the metal stage and there were kids running over from Nine Inch Nails to see us and it was an enormous crowd that we played too. It was a big surprise and it will be interesting to see if we maintain that this time around.

Lamb Of God have these shows left on their joint tour with Devildriver, Shadows Fall and High On Fire.

Tuesday 15 December – Melbourne, Festival Hall
Wednesday 16 December – Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre
Friday 18 December – Perth, Metro City

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lukey26 said on the 14th Dec, 2009

Great article! I'm not much of Lamb of God fan, but this intrigues me to check them out in more depth :)