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Brisbane gems Texas Tea are set to bring some Americana soul to the Valley Fiesta weekend. The pair put down the glockenspiels and harmonicas to chat to FL about playing the hometown show.

We noticed you’ve just returned from France, how was the reception over there?
Kate: It was great…I think. Although, I don’t speak French, so I could be wrong.

Which do you prefer – shows on the road or heading back to Brisbane and your – œfaithful’?
Kate: Can’t choose, it’s really great to be able to perform in all sorts of different environments. We’ve played in some weird places, like a bookshop in Berlin, an Australian-themed bar in rural France, or on the street busking at Tamworth. It’s always good to come home for those creature comforts, but that said, we have so much fun travelling. When we are on the road it is a perpetual party, it comes to a point where you don’t even feel the hangover anymore, it just feels normal.

It’s been a long time since your second album The Junkship Recordings. Are you getting itchy to head back to the studio?
Ben: It’s been a year now. We have been back in the studio a little bit. But we aren’t the most urgent of bands I guess. We are in no rush. When we have the songs and the ideas ready for a new record we’ll head back into the studio.

Summer’s also creeping up but you’ve got Valley Fiesta in the meantime. It’s quite a tidy lineup this year. Are you looking forward to it?
Ben: Yep.
Kate: Agreed.

Any other bands on the bill you’re keen to catch?
Ben: Bob Log III is awesome and it’s cool that there’s heaps of local bands on too like Butcher Birds and Hits.
Kate: I’m keen to see Lion Island. Caught a bit of them by accident the other night (I don’t know much about them but think they are a reasonably new Brissie act). They’ve got this gyspy-swagger-thing going on. Very cool.

How’s the summer looking for the band? Any possibility of other festival slots, or even a well-earned break?
Ben: We’ve got a residency at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Fridays in December which will be pretty cool. As for the festivals our schedule is free so if any readers of this would like to lobby the festivals in the country to put us on the bill we’d really appreciate it! Ha! We don’t really need a break, even though it looks like we do a lot we are actually quite lazy.
Kate: Yeah, we are pretty lazy, aren’t we…

And finally, any plans on actually heading to Texas?
Ben: On our way to Tamworth this year we took our picture in front of the Texas sign, as there is one in Australia. I hope we get to go there one day.

Texas Tea play Valley Fiesta in Brisbane on the weekend of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October, as part of this wonderful line-up.

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