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Most bands start their humble musical careers in suburban garages, but The Whole Molko do things differently. Instead of annoying their parentals with garage jams, this Melbourne band locked themselves into a factory for months to find their sonic footing.

The Whole Molko are a quirky bunch of misfits from Melbourne suburbia, consisting of lead singer Figgers, self-proclaimed band-leader-cum-guitarist Dave, the quietly insightful bassist Tezos and drummer Nick, who calls himself “the cute one”.

Performance-wise, The Whole Molko is a ferocious act with the energy of an insatiable toddler. Although not perhaps Melbourne’s next musical genius, The Whole Molko have managed to get into the Melbourne Fresh Battle of the Bands grand final through their hectic live act, sharp onstage banter and acrobatics. Singer Figgers frequently runs offstage to incite the crowd, then rushes back onstage only to mount a mid-guitar-solo Dave. This wacky but unpretentious attitude, and extreme approach to performing has won them dedicated fans and a place on the Melbourne music circuit. Unlike many of the Melbourne ‘art’ bands who are too precious to break out into a sweat, The Whole Molko don’t do half measures. The boys talk to FL about robots, laxatives and getting into the Melbourne Fresh Battle of the Bands’ grand final.

What’s with the quirky band name?
Nick: It was a joke.
Dave: When you have too much of a serious name it sounds like you’re trying too hard to impress people, it should be the music that defines the name not the other way around.

I hear that you locked yourselves away for months to perfect your sound. Does that mean we can call you a factory band instead of a garage band?
Tezos: Yes.
Dave: We’re like an industrial Nirvana.

What type of factory was it? Condom factory? Bible factory? Did it make a difference?
Nick: Machines!
Dave: They make top-secret robots, if we tell you anymore we have to kill you.

Where do each of you fit into the band?
Nick: I’m the cute one, Dave’s the asshole, Figgers is the short one and Tezos is the short one.
Dave: Nick’s the born drummer who has to argue with everything I say. Tezos is the quiet one and the voice of reason, if we can ever hear him. Figgers argues with me even more than Nick but he’s like my rebellious son who is really my favourite son. And I am the band leader, my rule is unchallenged.
Rest of band laughs.

How did the band get together?
Dave: We met Figgers at the pub. The rest of us has known each other since we were kids.
Figgers: We were going to start another band with another bass player. Nick, Dave and Tezos were in another band with another singer at the time and their old singer quit, so instead they just got me involved in the The Whole Molko.
Dave: And the rest is history.

What would The Whole Molko do if you won the Melbourne Fresh Battle of the Bands?
Figgers: World domination.
Tezos: Get some better recordings.
Dave: Tour more around Melbourne, get to the more rural pubs and maybe even interstate.
Figgers: What we’re hoping to do is get out to Ballarat, Benella, Bendigo and Albury. It’s something a lot of bands forget is the rural centres.
Dave: They get a lot of people at their gigs.
Figgers: People forget and when they bother to tour out there, the response is amazing, compared to Melbourne, which is like an information overload. Even if we don’t win, that’s the aim.

Do you think the Whole Molko will win? Or do your competitors scare you shitless? Or are you going to sabotage them with a little help from some humble laxatives?
Dave: Laxatives! That’s a brilliant idea.
Figgers: [The competitors] scare me shitless, but we will win.
Dave: There’s a lot of tough competition, and we’re not expecting to win, but we’ll go in trying to win.
Figgers: Whenever we go in expecting to win, we usually get our asses thumped. Let me rephrase. If we treat this gig as if it’s the last gig we’ll ever play, we can’t…
Dave: Hold back.

What is the craziest thing to go down while you were performing onstage?
Dave: Figgers?
Nick: Something involving Figgers.
Dave: I reckon the first time Figgers got on Nick’s shoulders
Figgers: I sometimes jump on Nick’s shoulders and start drumming.
Tezos: People say they love it when Figgers mounts Nick.

How do you get hyped up for your crazy gigs?
Dave: I take a deep breath and hope our set lists say the same thing.
Nick: He gives me awesome special names for the songs on my set list and that keeps me hyped up.
Tezos: I visualize playing a good show and then I do it.
Figgers: As opposed to me, I actually work out. It sounds ridiculous but I’ll just be in the backroom doing sit ups.

Any future plans for The Whole Molko? EPs? Music videos? Groupies?
Dave: Well, hopefully we’ll be releasing an EP in the near future. We’ve been asked to contribute a song for a film which is being released at some stage in 2009, with which a music video may be accompanied. Groupies would be very much appreciated.

Where will The Whole Molko be in five years?
Dave: Either well on their way to making it internationally or singing karaoke in drag in some seedy Melbourne bar.
Figgers: I love karaoke…

So rock up to Revolver Upstairs on January 20th to see The Whole Molko at their finest, or else you may doom them to a future of karaoke bars. Entry to the Melbourne Fresh Battle of the Bands is $12 at the door, with twelve other hot bands on the bill.


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de-tec-tive said on the 17th Jan, 2009

these guys are pretty good =)