1 of 5 autographed copies of The Presets 'Pacifica'

1 of 5 autographed copies of The Presets 'Pacifica'

‘Pacifica’ is Sydney duo The Presets’ long-awaited return to the spotlight after vocalist/keyboardist Julian Hamilton and drummer/keyboardist Kim Moyes chased a seven-year touring/recording cycle with children - first-time fatherhood for both of them - and some much-needed time off.

The classically-trained producers/performers weren't about to sit still for too long, however. Shortly after, the band was back to making beats and sketching new songs from a bevy of boundless equipment. All without the added pressure of deadlines and tour dates, leaving them with enough time to flesh ideas out with freeform jams or something as simple as a spare piano piece.

“Youth In Trouble” opens the album and spills over a never-ending, undulating rise of “face-melting techno”. “The media tries to scare the shit out of parents - drugs, sex, the Internet. Adults are taught to be scared OF youth, and scared FOR youth,” says Julian. “This song was really inspired by the panic, madness and fear that, rightly or wrongly, is so often associated with today's young people.”

While the likes of “Promises” is definitely pop with a diabetic shock directive, it also reflects themes of that carry over most of Pacifica, a simultaneous sense of joy and melancholy both musically and lyrically. Take “Ghosts”, where the peaks and valleys are grafted onto minor-keyed merengue grooves, topped with rollicking first fleet melodies.

With many headlining gigs and mounting commitments ahead, The Presets insist they have a clear head going into it all. “The only pressure we’ve felt was put on ourselves,” says Julian, “and that was to continue to make music that excites us, rather than falling into the trap of doing the same things again because they worked last time.”

He continues, “We never tried to write a chart topping album with ‘Apocalypso’; our only goal with that record was to make music that we always wanted to hear ourselves. Thankfully other people wanted to hear it too! And that's exactly what we’ve done this time around.”